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Nutrition is a necessary process for life. And hunger is one of the three factors that determine the entire way of life of mankind, along with the instinct of self-preservation and the instinct of reproduction. Wise nature made sure that a fairly large part of the population had the opportunity to “make subcutaneous reserves” while there is food, because then it may not be. Nature did not suspect that there might come times for the strange and unusual species of Homo Sapiens created by her, in which there will ALWAYS be food.

The instinct “to eat while they give” that is embedded in many of us leads, sadly, to unaesthetic (according to modern fashion) and unhealthy obesity.

Wherever a certain number of women gather, sooner or later a certain diet exchange club is created in order to lose weight. The diets are varied, sometimes surprising, and the exchange of these recipes can go on for years, which indicates their futility. And how could it be otherwise, when the question is formulated in a way voiced by one of the comedians: “What would you eat to lose weight?”

About 15 years ago, when clouds of various psychics and shamans appeared, there was an ad in the newspapers: “I give free advice on losing weight.” The ladies called this phone, worried, asking what kind of advice it was … A business-like male voice asked to take a pen and paper. “What, is there a lot?” – the ladies were interested. “No, not much, but very important,” they answered. And when the ladies brought what they wanted and prepared to capture the wise words that they should save them from obesity, the same voice yelled in their ear: “You need to eat less, you fool!” and hung up.

Let it be rude, but true. You can, of course, blame the peculiarities of metabolism, but then it turns out that in situations where there is not enough food for a long time, whether in a war, or on an uninhabited island, people with metabolic disorders never find themselves …

If you are complaining about being overweight, then no means for “losing weight” will help you if you do not limit yourself in food. The most effective means for weight loss are precisely aimed at reducing appetite and the amount of food consumed, up to suturing the stomach (I’m not kidding) and inserting brackets into the jaws that make it difficult to open the mouth wide.

Yes, of course, physical labor in the fresh air and a vegetarian diet is the most physiological way to maintain your weight at the level of grace. But how many of us, in our happy age of easy work and food abundance, have this method available? Alas, only “pills against greed” will save the father of world democracy… By the way, there is a remedy that allows you to get rid of your appetite. But personally, I do not like that its active principle is ephedrine, which causes narcotic addiction. It seems to me that you should not cripple yourself mentally or physically, just because of the conflict of the desire to look beautiful and the desire to eat everything you see.

In general, few modern people can boast that they experienced a feeling of severe hunger. Appetite, yes, but not hunger. If you don’t feel like barley porridge on the water with a piece of stale black bread, know that it’s not hunger that torments you, but appetite.

I would not accuse the lovely ladies of hasty voracity, it is rather education. Think for yourself: waking up on an alarm clock, you have to forcibly shove breakfast into yourself, because there will be no food before dinner. The stomach, meanwhile, “wakes up” two hours after waking up, and such a breakfast is equally uncomfortable for it, regardless of its volume. Then you need to quickly, run-run, have lunch, because time is limited, but you still want to run into the store and make a couple of calls. When you come home from work, you need to have dinner, because, well, the first calm meal of the day. And, in general, also fast enough, because there are things to do. It turns out that breakfast, lunch, and dinner come down to the process of speedy stuffing of the stomach.

Schoolchildren are still relatively spared from this misfortune, but, starting from student days, the diet is to an unpleasantly large extent determined not by appetite, but by circumstances. Even on vacation, on vacation, when there is no hurry, it is impossible to immediately abandon the habit of eating quickly, and the lack of haste only leads to an increase in the amount eaten.

Therefore, find in yourself, present in every person, the features of gourmetism. It does not require gourmet dishes at all, it requires an attentive, thoughtful and aesthetic attitude to food. Take a parsley leaf and chew it thoroughly. It’s delicious. Take your time, feel the fullness of its taste, like a creation of nature. Eat an olive. One. What difference does it make, one or two, because the taste is still the same? Therefore, just one olive. Carefully, thoughtfully, analyze the taste. Half a cup of natural broth (not that creepy mixture of monosodium glutamate with salt and “natural identical flavors” in the form of cubes) with toast. With one toast. Slowly, slowly…ma-scarlet piece. And a little scarlet sip. For the purpose of the sacrament is not to get drunk so that it comes out of the ears, but to enjoy the taste.

A piece of fried meat (not a lump the size of a sole, and not a nitrate sausage with a meat content of 2-11%), a piece of natural veal, the size of a couple of matchboxes. One potato and one radish. A glass (50 grams) of dry red wine. Feel how delicious it is if you just enjoy the taste, savor it, and not swallow the pieces. And chewing gum to satisfy the habitual need of the jaws to tear and crush.

I assure you, if you can stretch this meal for 20 minutes, then this will be enough for you. Try it. It’s even more pleasant … True, if you get used to it, then in the future some difficulties await you – you will become more sensitive to the quality of food, and you won’t be able to stuff into yourself, for example, sweet dough smeared in margarine with sugar, sold under kind of cupcake or roll … But it’s for the best.

Again: it’s not a diet. This is the way to eat. You can do this with any dish, as long as the taste of it is worthy of you. The main thing is little, slowly, with pleasure, and only with great desire.

There are people who are very reverently loving something “delicious” and unable to refuse a candy or two. Well, third. Well, a couple more. Oh, where did the whole bag go? And there are some delicious little cakes…

There is nothing unnatural in this, but if it interferes with your plans to become slimmer, then it is useful to change the goodies a little. For example, a good sweet (and at least not sweet) wine or flavored liquor can replace goodies without doing such harm. A small sip (one, just one sip!) of good sherry, fragrant nutmeg or Madeira, for example, will give you that much-desired gourmet taste for as long as it takes to eat a candy.

Alas, the Russian traditions of wine drinking do not operate with tiny glass bottles, sufficient to create a fragrant aftertaste in the mouth for several minutes, but with bottles. If you have no idea how you can drink wine with such thimbles, then this way is not only harmful, but also ruinous, because I mean good wine.

There are also momentary reasons. Out of boredom, a person begins to listen to his feelings, and at the first sign of appetite, he prepares a full lunch or dinner for himself. This is much more serious than it might seem, since many smokers, for example, in the absence of classes, immediately begin to smoke two or three times more. Imagine what happens to food…

There is another mechanism due to which many people, especially lovely ladies, consume more food than their bodies require. A person, when nervous, worried about troubles at work or in the family, feels like chewing something. And if a cupcake, roll or sandwich is at hand, then the job is done. The way out is to use chewing gum. And the need for chewing is satisfied, and no extra calories are received. And, of course, to be less nervous… Especially about being overweight.

Alexander LEBEDEV.

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