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Here comes the real autumn. I would very much like it to be warm as long as possible, because otherwise, dank weather will immediately add another flu epidemic to the seasonal blues and depression. Moreover, no matter how much information about this disease appears, many misconceptions about the flu still continue to remain in the minds of a certain part of our population and seriously affect the possibility of prevention and a speedy recovery. So, maybe now, without waiting for the beginning of this very epidemic, we will begin to slowly get rid of some delusions that can cost us our lives?

Fallacy one. Influenza is the most common and widespread disease, which should not be taken seriously.. Unfortunately, such a frivolous attitude towards influenza is most likely due to ignorance, and in some cases, unwillingness to think about its consequences: from pneumonia to death. So at the first signs of the disease, you should immediately consult a doctor.

Misconception second. If I harden, I won’t get sick with any flu. No one argues that hardening the body is a very good thing. And yet it has little to do with the treatment of influenza, which is a viral disease in nature. How a human body (even a perfectly hardened one) can get out of the fight with this disease, no one can know in advance (especially if it is not treated in principle, hoping only for the hardening effect).

Misunderstanding the third. But if I get sick, then the flu can be cured in just three days with the help of strong remedies. Is it necessary to say that such a statement is rather naive? Because it is simply impossible to cure the flu in such a short time due to the objective properties of this virus. But, given the fact that the flu virus can die in an alkaline environment, it is useful to inhale with baking soda (1 teaspoon per glass of very hot water) or drink alkaline mineral waters like Borjomi. With impending malaise, you can use this recipe. Take 1.5 liters of boiled water, add 1 tablespoon of coarse salt, juice of one lemon and 1 g of ascorbic acid. Dissolve, stir and drink within 1.5 hours.

Misconception four. With the flu, the temperature should be very high. But this is not always the case. For example, with mild forms of influenza, the mercury column may not always rise to a critical level. While the main symptom was and remains intoxication of the body, causing mainly headache and muscle pain, as well as an ache of the whole body. And these signs should not be ignored from the very first minutes, without waiting for the temperature to rise.

Fifth misconception. The flu can easily be carried on your feet, and it is not necessary to lie down in bed for a week. Alas, carrying the flu on your feet, you run the risk of complications (and this is far from the speculation of doctors), which will take much longer to treat than the flu itself. After all, the flu can affect both the nervous system and lungs, as well as other organs. But, despite this, our Russian man still prefers to carry the flu on his feet and considers he has the right to infect the people around him: at home, work colleagues, people in transport. And those, in turn, begin to infect their families, and so on. This is where a vicious circle comes into play.

Misconception six. The flu can only be cured with antibiotics. This is fundamentally not true. Because antibiotics are mainly prescribed for bacterial infections, it has absolutely nothing to do with the flu. It is possible that a doctor will prescribe them for you with bronchitis, sinusitis, pyelonephritis, and so on, but not with the flu. Medicines that are primarily needed for influenza are antipyretic, reducing pain and expectorant.

But for this To significantly reduce the risk of contracting the flu, here are some helpful tips:

Leaving the house, lubricate the inside of the nose with oxolin ointment, special cold balms, baby cream or just boric petroleum jelly. Covered with “lubrication” nasal mucosa becomes almost immune to viruses, they die, not having time to penetrate further through the respiratory tract.

Carry a handkerchief soaked in aromatic oil of lavender, wormwood or fir, and periodically apply it to the nose. The volatile substances contained in these oils kill microbes.

Drink a glass of orange or grapefruit juice on an empty stomach in the morning, and eat a clove of garlic or an onion salad in the evening. This will help you strengthen your immune system and deal with germs, if they still managed to penetrate your body.

At work, try not to talk for a long time with people who have a cold.. Do not be afraid to offend a person and do not risk your health, it is better to explain to him in a friendly or joking manner that you are afraid of catching the flu.

Try not to touch your nose, lips, eyes while traveling in public transport. Moreover, during the cold season, try not to eat outside.

If there is every reason to believe that you still picked up an infection, then when you get home, take precautions – lie down in a hot bath, drink an aspirin tablet or 2 g of ascorbic acid (20 tablets of 0.1 g each dissolve in a glass of lukewarm water). Before going to bed, prepare yourself warm milk with honey or just eat a spoonful of natural honey without drinking anything. Most often, this helps to wake up healthy the next morning and for some time not remember colds and flu at all.

And the last thing: for those who suffer from kidney disease, asthma, diabetes and other severe chronic diseases, it is better not to joke with the flu, but to get vaccinated in advance. Which, however, does not hurt to do the rest, perfectly healthy citizens.


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