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The most famous misconceptions about the perfect male breakfast – what are they? And how to feed your man with tasty, but at the same time “right” food?

Stereotypes are a great thing. “Men are strong,” women argue, “they need a lot of energy for daily exploits at work and a supply of energy for a boring evening in our company, so in the morning they need not just good, but very good food.”

This conclusion gave rise to a number of common misconceptions about the ideal male breakfast, inherent, however, not only in the female half of humanity.

“Of all substances, men need protein the most. The more meat, the better!”

More than one hero fell victim to this insidious delusion, meeting the dawn for another attempt to deal with the fat-bleeding pork chop, carefully prepared by his beloved.

In fact, men need more protein every day than women, but its daily intake is about the size of a palm-sized piece of lean beef. So the scale of the needs of the male body is somewhat exaggerated.

If the morning menu contains an excess of protein foods with a deficit of carbohydrates, proteins will be burned as fuel during the day, which will prevent maintaining muscle mass. This is especially important for those who play sports.

“Greens are not a man’s food!”

Men burn calories faster than women and need more fuel. What can a modest vegetable or bunch of greens give a serious person?

First, vegetable fibers. They do not belong to nutrients, because they are not digested and do not give us any usefulness, but, at the same time, they have an equally significant position – they work as a kind of liquidators.

Dietary fibers of vegetables absorb excess moisture, bind toxins and bile acids and remove them from the body, every morning, actually doing the real general cleaning.

Secondly, magnesium, phosphorus, potassium, iron and vitamins (especially important for men A, B6 and K).

For those who do not particularly favor vegetables, it is not necessary to build unloved salads. It is enough to add broccoli to the morning dish – this vegetable successfully combines all the listed nutrients and a significant amount of plant fibers.

“The best food for men’s health is seafood, especially oysters.”

Shellfish every day – ola-la! So you can charge with a burning hatred for both sea delicacies and the morning meal.

The best seafood for breakfast is crab meat. In terms of protein and zinc content, crab is not inferior to other weighty fish, there is very little fat in it, and culinary loyalty is much greater than that of the notorious oysters. Ideal for light morning salads, toasts, mousses and omelettes.

Oysters are truly champions in the content of zinc – one of the most important substances for the male body. But at the same time, its daily rate is contained in all whole grain products – in particular, in simple oatmeal.

Remember that a balanced breakfast will provide up to 30% of the daily requirement of nutrients and help realize the wildest ideas. But what about those who do not like seafood, which is so necessary for the body?

For those who do not get excited about the fish morning table, cereals, whole grain toasts and cookies will be enough “Jubilee Morning”.

“Potatoes are the most masculine side dish.”

This statement is closer to the truth than the others. Potatoes, especially sweet potatoes, are high in slow-acting carbohydrates that will serve as topical fuel for the body throughout the day.

Carbohydrates stored in the muscles “in reserve” in the form of glycogen substance are actively consumed, especially with an active lifestyle, therefore, they need constant replenishment, otherwise a person is threatened with overwork.

However, potatoes are not the only and not the most useful source of carbohydrates. Beans have no less of their stock. – the same satisfying, but richer vegetable in terms of the content of nutrients.

It contains a fair amount of protein, B vitamins, vitamin C, copper, zinc, potassium and iron.

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