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Fruit drinks produce a refreshing and restorative effect on our body, have the properties of biogenic stimulants. This is not at all accidental – after all, berries and fruits contain almost all the mineral salts, organic acids, vitamins, pectins and other useful substances necessary for a person.

In the heat, along with moisture, our body tends to lose a large amount of minerals and, most easily, potassium compounds, which can mainly affect the work of the heart, so fruit drinks (especially from red berries, like lingonberries and cranberries) will really be the most desirable on the summer table .

Fruit drinks are used for fasting days, they perfectly help to lose weight and help to remove toxins from the body.These days you need to take 1.5-2 liters of various fruit drinks. It must be said that compared to berry fruit drinks, as a rule, they have a higher calorie content, since they contain more sugars and they perfectly cleanse our body.

For those who have caught a cold, cranberry and lingonberry fruit drinks are beyond competition. Because these berries contain special antibacterial acids.

To treat and prevent the recurrence of cystitis, it is recommended to include cranberry and lingonberry juice in the diet.which contains biologically active substances that contribute to the formation of a sufficient amount of mucus covering the membrane of the bladder and.

Fruit drinks from cranberriesalso used for hypertension, inflammatory gynecological diseases. The substances contained in this drink increase the content of the so-called “correct” cholesterol and antioxidants in the body, which are necessary for the normal functioning of the cardiovascular system. According to scientists, people suffering from certain diseases of the cardiovascular system should drink three glasses of cranberry juice or fruit drink per day. It is very useful to make fruit drinks from cranberries with honey.How to cook cranberry juice

Cowberry juice– a wonderful soft drink – not only healthy, but also thirst-quenching. In addition, it can also be used for heavy menstrual bleeding (which affects a considerable number of modern women).

Cherry, plum, cherry plum, dogwood fruit drinksbest to quench your thirst. At the same time, it is possible, as they say, to “kill two birds with one stone” at once – to quench your thirst and get valuable substances: vitamins, organic acids, mineral salts.

Sea buckthorn juice has powerful antioxidant propertieswhich, moreover, in terms of the content of vitamin E, has no equal among fruit and berry crops, since it contains 2-3 times more than almonds or hazelnuts.

Morse of grapes and gooseberriesrichest in organic acids that stimulate metabolism. Gooseberry juice, in addition, normalizes blood pressure: in hypotensive patients it increases, in hypertensive patients it decreases.

The largest amount of pectins, which bind the products of decay and fermentation in the intestines and powerfully heal the body, increasing its efficiency, is inapple juice.

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