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What if you can only move safely on foot, and any other mode of transportation causes an attack of seasickness? You can get durable shoes and forget about the smell of the sea and the rustle of coastal pebbles forever. Is this not for you? Then try to cope with seasickness with the help of Goodshapetips’s simple tips.

How to behave on the road?

When choosing a vehicle for travel, keep in mind that on board large ships and planes, motion sickness is weaker than on small ones – size matters here!

Buy tickets to places where shaking and vibration are the weakest:

– in airplane: places in the central part of the cabin, between the wings;
– in car and bus: front seats located in the direction of travel;
– on the ship: upper and middle decks, closer to the stern;
– on the train: initial and central cars, central compartments in them.

If you have a long road ahead, then you need to reconsider your diet in advance.

You can’t overeat on the eve of departure, but you shouldn’t travel on an empty stomach either.

If you still got sick

Take a comfortable position, recline your seat as much as possible, relax. Provide fresh air. If it’s stuffy, unbutton the collar of your clothes. Turn on pleasant music, try not to think about your road weaknesses.

During a long road it is recommended to drink several sips of warm liquid every 5-7 minutes.

Herbal tea with mint and lemon – excellent motion sickness remedy, juices and fruit drinks are a good source of energy and vitamins on the road, and mineral water without gas will fully compensate for the loss of fluid.

At the first sign of motion sickness suck on a slice of lemon, sour caramel. Ascorbic acid at a dosage of 1-3 grams has an excellent effect.

Put a validol tablet under your tongue or drink 20-30 drops of corvalol (valocordin), dissolving them in a small amount of water. These funds will quickly alleviate the condition for 20-30 minutes.

Can chew and smell the ginger. This method of dealing with motion sickness has been used by long-distance sailors since ancient times.

Gingerbread cookies are also good, especially if you are accompanied by children. Also in the pharmacy you can find ginger in capsules.

If symptoms get worse, wipe your face and neck with a cold towel, take a few deep breaths.

Significant help is provided aromatherapy. inhale essential oils rosemary, mint, lemon, ginger or chamomile. You can add them to an aromatic pendant, drip on the upholstery of a chair in a car or on a handkerchief.

one. With the thumb of one hand, rhythmically massage the point in the middle of the palm of the other hand.

2. Rub your wrists.

3. Massage the points located behind the earlobes.

If, despite all the efforts, you still get sick, next time you will have to use medicines. specific sea ​​sickness remedies does not exist. Usually drugs from different groups are used.

Before use, be sure to read the instructions for use, as motion sickness remedies have their own contraindications and side effects. Reception should usually begin 30-60 minutes before the trip.

If you want to beat seasickness once and for all, you have to work hard.

Of great importance for the prevention of motion sickness is training of the vestibular apparatus.

To do this, you can master volleyball, swimming, acrobatics, cycling. It is useful to include rhythmic tilts and half-turns of the head, jumps in the daily exercise complex.

Especially promising training in childhood. Do not limit the craving of kids for swings, somersaults, teach them to walk on their hands, holding their legs.

For targeted training of the vestibular apparatus consultation with a physiotherapist is required who will be able to choose an individual set of exercises on specialized simulators.

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