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Mariya Kozhevnikova

The actress has long established herself as a person who is not afraid to go against public opinion. Maria often bluntly comments on stories that have caused a public outcry. Now, the mother of many children was outraged by the fact of “voluntary-compulsory” vaccination. As you know, the employer has the right to remove unvaccinated employees from work in the office if they do not have an appropriate justification (confirmed by a doctor). The actress says that she has nothing against vaccination, but she has a number of questions about the organization of the process. And she is sure that everyone should make a choice – whether to vaccinate him or not – on their own, assessing the possible risks.

“I was and will be against compulsory medicine‼️ That is, I am not for or against the vaccine, I am for the choice that every person should have!!! But of course, this choice must be made very responsibly and deliberately, ”Kozhevnikova wrote in her social network account (the spelling and punctuation of the author are preserved — ed.). After this post, the actress received a lot of messages about how the disease proceeded differently among her subscribers, many had a coronavirus infection after vaccination – some of them are sure that it was not worth it.

“Everyone has their own experience: their own course of the disease, their own reaction to vaccination, and … this once again proves that we are all individual and have different circumstances,” the mother of many children stated. She herself was not vaccinated.

Irena Ponaroshku

Among celebrities (and not only) there are many who explain the reluctance to be vaccinated by a previous illness and the presence of antibodies. As you know, the fact of the presence of the latter is not a medical tap. Moreover, six months after the vaccination, it is recommended to revaccinate, especially when it comes to older people at risk. Nevertheless, an impressive number of people are in no hurry to get vaccinated, having a stock of antibodies. These include Irena Ponaroshku. The blogger and TV presenter said that the transferred COVID-19 did not leave her with pleasant impressions (of course!), but she was struck by the fact of forced vaccination. The girl even asked in the comments to one of her posts to write if her followers faced pressure in this matter. There were plenty of stories: many of the subscribers working in public organizations said that they were literally forced to get vaccinated.

“And my dad has already received the first dose. I didn’t criticize his decision: an adult, if you want it, it injects, ”Irena noted in parallel.

Oscar Kuchera

The TV presenter attracted a lot of attention with a post in which he ridiculed the controversy regarding vaccination in the country. “Vaccination is optional, but mandatory, although voluntary, but you can’t refuse, or rather you can, but they can be suspended from work or fired, although this is illegal, but they were allowed to dismiss, and then banned, but not by us, but by them. Get vaccinated and you won’t get sick, although you will get sick later, but it’s not hard, although the strain is already different, so you’re lucky, but you won’t get sick, but we have a lot of patients with antibodies, but cellular immunity will save you if earlier sick or vaccinated, but this is inaccurate, ”Kuchera wrote.

This post met with a large number of approving emoji among his followers. The TV presenter emphasizes that he has nothing against the vaccine and is sure that every adult can decide whether he needs it or not, but he is outraged by the obvious contradictions on this issue. Kuchera himself had a coronavirus infection with the whole family, he did not get vaccinated, as he has a reserve of antibodies.

Everyone expresses their position differently. You can’t deny the coachman a sense of humor. His colleague Yegor Beroev sees no reason for jokes, his position is principled. “I haven’t been vaccinated, you know, my body is my business. But today I woke up in a world where it has become an identifying mark. Are you a citizen or will you be on a reservation and will not enjoy the benefits of society if you are not vaccinated?” Beroev argues.

Maria Shukshina

The actress has even put together a team of lawyers to help those who have faced discrimination after refusing to be vaccinated. In particular, Shukshina posts messages from work teams who ask her for help, because they do not want to be vaccinated, but are afraid of losing their jobs. The actress is not going to be vaccinated, because she does not trust domestic vaccines. On her Instagram page, she often publishes interviews, excerpts from conversations with doctors, professors, who at various times were involved in the development of various kinds of vaccines and express their opinion on modern drugs. In general, the position boils down to one thing:

“Why vaccines are no less dangerous than the virus itself:

  • not fully tested;
  • the consequences of inserting the spike protein into another matrix have not been investigated;
  • the consequences of getting an uncontrolled amount of spike protein into the body have not been studied, many cases of complications have been recorded, ”Shukshina sums up.

Goodshapetips published a series of materials, news about coronavirus vaccines – all of them are accompanied by the opinions of doctors and experts. Only one conclusion can be drawn from reading: you yourself must analyze the possible risks from contracting a dangerous infection and decide what to choose – get vaccinated or hope that the virus will bypass. And yes, no vaccine provides 100% protection. In any case, you can always consult with your doctor, with a specialist you trust.

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