Naked yoga, marathons and 5 more sports anti-trends

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On the one hand, this does not allow you to get involved in a good way (in sports, in a regimen, in a nutrition system) and achieve significant results. On the other hand, it doesn’t let you get bored. If you do not strive for records, then there is nothing wrong with constantly trying something new. And if trend dependence has become a weighty motivation for you to a healthy lifestyle, then it has benefited. But boasting about something from this list is no longer cool. Look for an alternative! Well, or do it just like that, for fun, and not for a selfie.


Stimulating muscles with current instead of honestly straining is not just not cool. It has a lot of contraindications! The same, by the way, applies to vibration training, which was at the peak of popularity a couple of years ago.

Smartphone weight loss programs

Whether we are talking about training or diets, you need full-time supervision of a specialist if you are aiming for a serious result. And the programs flatter, do postscripts … And besides, they are so easy to deceive! How many times have you waved your arms to spin the numbers on the pedometer?

marathon races

Now it is fashionable to think more about health than fame. And for health, 5 or 10 km is enough. Anything above leads to bloody blisters and rapid wear of the knee joints.


This unstable platform might have retained its position if AquaFlat had not pressed it – almost the same thing, but on the water. It is possible, however, that the latter is a purely seasonal trend: the closer the summer, the more active the water types of fitness crowd out the land ones.

Protein diets

It is even strange that they have been trending for so long: a diet that cannot exist without medical support is a very dubious path to health. But it was not evidence-based medicine that finished her off, but the upcoming biohacking and the ketogenic diet.

naked yoga

Nude yoga was originally conceived more for YouTube and Instagram than for fitness. But the strict norms of major social networks have not allowed it to spread in breadth. So get dressed and just do yoga.

social fitness

Boasting on social networks about the number of pull-ups and taking selfies under the sign of a fitness club is bad manners. But because the ideas of body positivity live and win: who wants to be healthy and fit, he trains, who does not want to, he loves himself with all the extra pounds – and they do not teach each other about life.

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