Negative effects of breast implants

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What woman does not dream of perfect breasts? Only the one that has it by nature, and there are only a few such lucky ones. The rest have to accept and admire the chic busts of models in magazines or resort to the services of plastic surgeons.

It seems that everything is simple – I chose a form, lay down on the table, closed my eyes and woke up already a gorgeous woman. But … before each operation, surgeons give you a paper to sign about possible risks and complications, although they can, of course, hide some of the truth from you, because the operation is not cheap and you can change your mind. But you yourself must carefully and with a cool head evaluate all the pros and cons, because implants also have negative sides.

Complications during the operation

With breast augmentation, every tenth operation proceeds with complications, and this is a large percentage for surgery, out of these ten, every tenth woman has to go under the knife again and correct what she has done, sometimes up to amputation of the breast. Moreover, these repeated operations are stretched for up to six months, that will not add beauty to you. The success of the operation depends on the experience of the surgeon, and he is unlikely to admit to you that you are one of the first with him.

Problems with the implant

Often, with an incorrect axillary incision, the asymmetry of the installation of breast prostheses is obtained. The implant then moves under the influence of the force of the muscles up and towards the armpit. You can fix this by re-operating with another doctor.

Another problem can be a duplicated bulge on the chest if the surgeon does not take into account the sagging and softness of the skin and breast tissues. If the implant is placed under the muscle, it will be ugly – the breast will be bumpy, in such cases a second operation is performed, moving the implant and placing it above the muscle.

Another nuisance after the operation – in addition to the stitches themselves, of course – can be a loss of sensitivity on the nipple and areola. Its recovery can take up to six months or more, and sometimes, if the prosthesis compresses a branch of the intercostal nerve, sensitivity may not be restored at all.

Seromas and hematomas

These are accumulations of ichor or blood in the area between prostheses and body tissues. They do not become infected, but create discomfort and protrusions in the area of ​​​​the surgical suture and wound, and can temporarily distort the shape of the chest.

Seromas are formed in response to tissue injury by surgery and the introduction of a foreign body, blood plasma and lymph accumulate in the tissues, blood elements – lymphocytes and leukocytes. A protrusion similar to a hernia appears in the area of ​​operation.

Hematoma – this is the accumulation of blood around the implant from a vessel injured during the operation. Sometimes, with large hematomas, removal of blood is required to stop bleeding.

The most dangerous

Of course, operations are carried out in compliance with all the rules of sterility, but it is impossible to achieve one hundred percent sterility during the operation. Therefore, there is always a risk of infection during operations, including when implants are inserted. If an infection forms around the prosthesis, even antibiotics will not help, it will have to be removed. And the complications of the infection should be treated in a surgical hospital.

A second operation is possible no earlier than six months later, then it will be possible to put a new implant. And for half a year you will have to walk around with one large, the other small breast – rarely the infection is bilateral. Many women usually refuse a second prosthesis, so as not to experience discomfort.

Infection can develop both immediately after surgery and within two months of surgery, especially in women with diabetes and chronic diseases.


In principle, with the correct placement of the implant, prostheses cannot affect the lactation. With accesses that touch the areola and nipple, this always interferes with feeding. If you plan to breastfeed in the future, discuss this with your surgeon in advance.

Injuries and deformities of the implant

Typically, old implants that have a thin wall, a defect in the manufacture of the prosthesis, as well as those patients who have had injuries during surgery, are subject to rupture. Implants also rupture due to compression and trauma.

When the contents of the implant leak into the breast tissue, inflammation and pain begin, and it becomes unpleasant to touch the breast. Such situations require removal of the implant and fluid from the breast tissue. However, if the implant is gel, even when the shell is damaged, it retains its shape.

Breast examination

When implants are installed, the very possibility of the occurrence of breast cancer, because a foreign body is placed in it. In addition, the presence of implants interferes with the examination and self-examination of the breast for lumps. With implants, it is difficult to conduct ultrasound, X-ray or mammography of the breast, which will delay the diagnosis of the tumor. During examinations, pressure is needed – this increases the risk of ruptures in the implant area.

For timely diagnosis of violations of the integrity of prostheses, a woman should undergo regular examinations – especially if she has been wearing implants for more than 10 years. The most accurate, but very expensive method of examining implants is magnetic resonance imagingeverything will be visible on it.

In case of injuries of the prosthesis and contact of the gel with tissues, the so-called capsular contracture – the elasticity of the breast and its shape change. The breast becomes dense, rigid and small, which requires dissection of the capsule and replacement of implants.


Wearing breast implants is not such a simple and safe task, this operation has enough complications. Before you decide on it, think about whether your life and health are worth such experiments. By the way, very often after surgery dissatisfaction with the shape of the breast only intensifies – the expectations of the ideal are not justified.

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