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How stress affects the skin

Is it possible to cover with foundation

Therapeutic diet for rashes

How to help yourself at home, procedures in the clinic

How stress affects the skin

“Long-term chronic stress can cause breakouts in seborrheic areas. There are two mechanisms by which stress affects the body. The first is a change in hormonal status, i.e. increase in the production of hormones: adrenaline, norepinephrine, corticosteroids, testosterone. The second is a decrease in immunity. A favorable environment is created in the pores for the reproduction of opportunistic and pathogenic microflora, and a fully weakened immunity is not able to resist it.

As a rule, patients themselves speak at the reception about the presence of stress in life. There are no specific analyzes, it is necessary to start first of all from the collection of anamnesis and patient complaints. If there are hormonal shifts, then related specialists are involved, for example, gynecologists, endocrinologists, etc. What to do in case of such rashes due to nerves? To begin with, limit contact with running water. For washing, use moisturizing lotions, local antiseptics and antibiotics are prescribed for the skin of the face. If indicated, systemic antibiotics may be prescribed.

Is it possible to cover with foundation

It is impossible to injure inflammatory elements. Cosmetic procedures (injections, peels, etc.) in the presence of fresh rashes are also contraindicated. Do not forget that foundation creams, especially those containing oils, have comedogenic properties. They are able to penetrate into the excretory duct of the sebaceous gland and clog it. If there is a violation of sebum secretion, there is a danger of rupture of the gland with the development of inflammation. Prolonged use of foundation creams leads to the risk of a large number of closed comedones (clogged sebaceous glands). This form of acne is the most difficult to treat.

Why you need a therapeutic diet

Acne treatment is always an integrated approach. First you need to remove the effect of stress on the body, if it is not possible to do this, then you should think about contacting a neurologist or psychotherapist. And remember that inflammatory elements during the menstrual cycle are a variant of the norm. Topical antibiotics can be used to speed up healing.”

Remember that the situation can be aggravated by:

  • the use of face products based on alcohol;
  • frequent use of soap;
  • the use of foundation creams and powder;
  • general decrease in immunity.

Separately, let’s talk about nutrition. People with a history of acne really need to monitor their diet more carefully, as they are at risk. That is, against the background of feasts with alcohol, they may develop rashes. This usually happens on the third or fourth day after diet errors. It should be varied and balanced. It is necessary to refuse, at least for a while, from fast carbohydrates (pastries, bars), honey, sweet yogurts, juices. We remove sausages, sausages, ketchup, mayonnaise. The menu should be diversified with sour-milk products without sugar. You can meat, fresh vegetables and berries. But it is better not to lean on potatoes.

There is a stereotype that oatmeal on the water will help clear the skin of acne. But this is a controversial claim. In fact, slimy boiled cereals are foods with a high glycemic index. They provoke an immediate release of sugar in the blood. This means that they can affect the hormonal background and the composition of sebum. In patients prone to rashes, acne may appear as a reaction to the “healthy” oatmeal in the water.

Helpful Tips

So, in order to normalize the condition of the skin that reacts to stress with rashes, it is worth following a number of recommendations:

  • do not touch your face unnecessarily;

  • resolve a stressful situation tormenting you;

  • normalize nutrition: remove fast food and sweets;

  • give up decorative cosmetics for a while;

  • get enough sleep;

  • do not forget about physical activity, such as walking.

Up to what age can acne suffer? Pimples like acne do not appear after 50 years. But up to forty – quite. Late acne is associated with hormonal problems and emotional unrest – severe stress can trigger acne.

How to help yourself at home, procedures in the clinic

If you have moderate rashes on your face, then there is every chance to cope with taking it off on your own at home. It is enough to apply pointwise to the inflammation pharmaceutical available products containing benzoyl peroxide or azelaic acid. What can not be done at home is squeezing pimples. After all, without being a dermatologist, you cannot determine what kind of inflammatory element you have on your face: acne, rosacea, seborrheic dermatitis … Otherwise, trauma to the vessels is possible, which means that pus can get into the vascular bed, which can lead to serious problems.

If home care does not help, the rashes are systematic, you should contact the clinic. If we talk about hardware procedures, then they may offer to resort to phototherapy – it suppresses the reproduction of bacteria. And to some types of laser. From cosmetic procedures, peeling, plasmolifting, mesotherapy can be advised.

And, of course, if your body reacts to stress with skin rashes, first of all you need to think about how to get rid of it. Most likely you will not succeed, because in the modern world in a metropolis it is unlikely not to be nervous. So you need to learn how to respond to stimuli in a new way.

“Avoiding stress will not help here, you need to learn how to respond to stress differently. I worked on the issue in several directions: neurosis and psychosomatics, work with the subconscious, relaxation techniques, work on attitudes. She even quit her job. The effect was: the rashes became significantly less. Do not forget about healthy sleep, rest and regular walks in the fresh air. You need to take care of your nerves, because nerve cells are not restored, ”one of the users shared her experience. Thus, the treatment of nerve rashes is an integrated approach that will require discipline and effort. But the reward will be clean healthy skin.


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