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Svetlana Zeynalova

Channel One TV presenter Svetlana Zeynalova herself did not immediately realize that her eldest daughter Sasha had autism. The girl could bring her mother literally to white heat, because autism is a neurological disorder that affects the functioning of the brain. These children express their feelings in a special way and recognize the emotions of others.

Zeynalova later said in an interview that the pediatrician drew attention to Sasha’s strange behavior – in particular, the girl did not look into her eyes. Next began going to the doctors, tests, research and diagnosis. And after that, the TV presenter decided that she would do everything possible to adapt Sasha to a normal life in society, and would not hide her diagnosis, pretending that the girl simply had a difficult character. Zeynalova immediately faced not the most pleasant reaction: a number of acquaintances, once friends, moved away, stopped communicating with her. But Svetlana regularly receives a lot of letters, questions from other mothers raising children with autism. The TV presenter always shares information with them: contacts of smart doctors, teachers.

Raising a child with autism is also very expensive, because you constantly need to deal with developmental correction, and specialists working with such children are many times more expensive. Zeynalov spends all the fees, part-time jobs to ensure that her daughter is engaged in therapeutic exercises, music, drawing, and continues to work with a psychologist and speech therapist. The successes are impressive: often the presenter is told that her daughter gives the impression of the most ordinary teenager – and this is worth a lot. Sasha also helps her mother take care of her two-year-old sister Veronica. Svetlana broke up with her father not so long ago, saying only that now is the time for strong women who need a man to match.

Natalya Vodyanova

The sister of supermodel Natalia Vodianova lives with a severe form of autism. It is in recent years that Oksana is undergoing expensive rehabilitation in her hometown, has made friends and even a boyfriend. But many remember when the sick sister, along with the nanny, was kicked out of the cafe in the park, citing the girl’s inappropriate behavior. According to Vodianova, earlier such cases were frequent – no one took her sister to the cafe, but other children refused to play with her on the playground, the neighbors pointed with their fingers and threw offensive nicknames in the back. Now Vodianova, who organized the Naked Heart Foundation (helps children and young people with autism and other developmental disabilities), advises all other mothers of such children to learn how to respond correctly to such a situation: not to run away and not to aggress in response, but to explain that the child is special .

“I love Oksana very much, for me this is the closest person. Oksana taught me… the lifestyle. This is the ultimate honesty in relationships, this is pure love, which will be until the end. This is wealth. It is important for us to be able not to miss the beauty that fate gives through trials, ”Natalya says about her sister in an interview.

Anna Netrebko

The opera prima did not immediately publish the diagnosis of her son Thiago from his first marriage. But then she decided to do it on the air of a popular talk show. It hurts Diva when people talk about autistic people as people who cannot function normally in society. Netrebko assures that this is not so: with effort, you can help such children to socialize. According to the artist, her son is a very inquisitive boy who is interested in the world of programming and the masterpieces of Salvador Dali.
Now Thiago is twelve years old, and he was diagnosed at the age of three. It was in childhood with a child that it was the hardest, every walk in the park could end in hysteria, when the son had to be literally dragged home.

Then her current husband Yusif Eyvazov appeared in Netrebko’s life, who quickly found a common language with the boy and helps in his upbringing.

Konstantin Meladze

Not everyone knows that the son of Konstantin Meladze, from his marriage to Yana Summ, has a son with a severe form of autism. In an interview, parents rarely talk about him – the topic is not an easy one for an ex-couple, and yet the ex-wife of the producer admitted that Valerian’s diagnosis was akin to execution for her.

“This is a serious disease that has not yet been cured. It is being corrected. I’m talking about a severe form of autism. These kids can be trained. I think that parents who are faced with a similar problem are familiar with the feeling of fear, helplessness in the face of grief, and shame. Our society does not accept, does not recognize “others,” Yana Summ said in an interview. Now the boy is thirteen years old. A few years ago, his mother opened a center for helping children with autism in Kyiv.

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