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Who’s guilty?

1. Seasonality

It has completely justified physiological reasons: in winter in our latitudes there is little sun, so the body automatically begins to feel sad during the longest nights of the year. After a generous autumn harvest, nature is immersed in rest, gaining strength before the new season. Man is a part of nature, therefore he is no exception: I want to sleep a little more, eat a little more, move a little less. Liters of coffee, of course, spur the nervous system, but after a while, exhaustion sets in.

2. New Year’s race

Before the New Year holidays, everyone strives to be in time somewhere, to finish something, to draw some conclusions. Megacities get stuck in traffic jams a month before the holiday, the roads are not cleaned, moving around the city turns into a tedious quest. At work, management pushes, demanding regular reports and plans. Children are already tired of studying and begin to get colds from one unintentional sneeze. Housewives clutch at their heads: what to do in the first place – to clean the house, make a festive menu for six courses, or go to hypermarkets at night and buy such traditional “cans of peas / a can of corn / a can of caviar / a bottle of champagne / mayonnaise / a box of chocolates as a gift mother-in-law / and don’t forget to buy red and white candles.”

3. Loneliness

New Year, as you know, is a cheerful and noisy holiday, but what about those who are lonely? Looking, like an Andersen girl with matches, into the windows of cafes and shops in the hope of at least a little warming up about someone else’s happiness? Is it feverish to swipe photos on Tinder to make sure there are more than one person to celebrate the holiday? To stray into small flocks of the same loners in order to leave the city for at least a couple of days? Or accept already and realize the problem of existential loneliness: we come into this world alone and leave alone, and the worst loneliness is loneliness in a couple or among a crowd?

What to do?

1. Stop

The most important thing in general chaos is to stop and exhale. Take a break. Understand what you want, and not the boss, husband, children, parents, friends, colleagues and a representative of a mobile operator.

On the eve of the New Year, I usually hear from clients: “If you can’t refuse, then you need to lead.” Initiative, project, selection of gifts, congratulations to clients, holding a corporate party and / or a matinee in kindergarten. If there is a sea of ​​energy, then why not. What if the batteries are about to run out? Then I have only one answer – score! Just score. Of course, I already hear a bunch of objections: “what if you can’t score?”, “Yes, but …”, “circumstances developed in such a way that there was no possibility …”. And then I answer that a person is always free in his choice. This is not the last New Year in your life, but the heart muscle is one. By the way, I don’t want to scare anyone, but for the sake of interest, you can google the statistics of deaths from myocardial infarction and stroke by months.

2. Please the body

Here is a really great idea. Anything: training in a club near the house, dancing, going to the ice rink, skiing on a weekend with the family, riding down the mountain on buns taken from children, a trip to a winter cottage, a sauna, a hammam, a massage with aromatic oils, spa treatments or just take a bath with salts or water bombs. Hike to a beautician or massage therapist. All these masks, scrubs, creams, soufflés and serums are very psychotherapeutic for women, especially before the holidays, because each of us longs for a magical transformation.

3. Creativity

In no case should you forget about hobbies. If you knit, write, draw, cook, decoupage, embroider, make jewelry and more, find at least a couple of hours a week for creativity. Nothing gathers us together and makes us whole like the opportunity to be alone with ourselves and our thoughts. Female energy definitely needs an outlet in the form of a transformation of reality, no matter with what result, whether it is the birth of a child, a Decembrist who blossomed on the eve of the holiday, a Christmas wreath hung on the door, or an English cake with candied fruits, spices and nuts, which still needs to ripen in parchment for several weeks .

4. Think about the soul

It is also a very necessary thing; it is not for nothing that almost all religions have a tradition of pre-holiday fasts. The time when the soul seems to curl up, goes inside to be fed with resources and by the holidays be ready to share new meanings with itself and with everyone. It doesn’t matter how you imagine it – go to church, participate in charity, become a volunteer, or just help a retired neighbor carry a bag. The main thing is that this message should come from spiritual generosity, and not from the desire to be good for everyone.

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