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Do you know what one of the first ever pregnancy tests looked like? “Wrap wheat and barley with a piece of cloth. Every day a woman should urinate on it. Then everything is mixed with dates and sand. If both grains germinate, she will give birth, if only wheat germinates, she will give birth to a boy, and if barley germinates, then a girl. If nothing germinates, she will not give birth at all. Since then, science and medicine have advanced far. But the problems of conception, family planning and effective protection are still among the most pressing for women.

How to protect yourself effectively but safely?

How to conceive, endure and give birth to a healthy child? How to solve the problem of infertility (often arising after unresolved problems with safe contraception)? How to feel good during menopause? How to identify possible health problems in the early stages?

The solution of all these issues is the responsibility of the woman herself. After all, doctors, literature, etc. often unable to quickly and accurately answer all questions.

In order to be healthy, a woman must be informed about what is currently happening in her body. A simple example: a woman has been taking hormonal contraceptives for years. Later, for some reason, she undergoes an examination, which gives the result: due to disturbances in the functioning of the body ovulation currently not possible at all. That is, all these years the woman took pills in vain and did not receive the necessary and timely treatment.

The second example: everyone knows the method of protection with the help of dangerous and safe days. Dangerous days are the period of ovulation, when spermatozoa can fertilize a mature egg. Everyone knows the low efficiency of this method. It is connected with the fact that women are little aware of their own menstrual cycle. Those who have an irregular cycle cannot focus on “safe” periods by calculating days in the usual way – after all, it is impossible to predict the moment of ovulation with irregular periods. In addition, according to modern research, a woman can experience up to several ovulations in one cycle. However, “safe days” is one of the most harmless methods of protection for a woman and comfortable for her partner.

A few years ago this seemingly hopeless the problem – of a safe, effective and long-term used method of contraception – was solved! The basis of the method was just “safe” days – the most natural and natural method of contraception. At the end of the 20th century, a new class was created devices for determining the period of ovulation in women in the menstrual cycle by saliva. This instrument has been awardedgold medals at world exhibitions in 1998, 1999, 2001 and other years.

What is most important protection is far from the only function of the Vesta device (this is the name of a unique invention). One of the main tasks of the device is to identify diseases of the female body in stages when a slight correction or just elementary advice will help to avoid serious complications.

The operation of the device is based on the analysis of saliva. It is proved that its composition varies depending on the processes occurring in the body. In particular, it varies depending on the days of the menstrual cycle. By saliva, you can determine the timing of ovulation and its presence or absence. The indications of Vesta are based on the action of a biochemical sensor that reacts to ions of certain substances. “Communicating” with the device is very simple: just place a drop of saliva on the sensor and evaluate the reaction of the sensors.

Let’s take a closer look at how Vesta can help.

Determination of the days of the greatest and least probability of conception. The device, after analyzing saliva, marks the hormonal peak preceding ovulation, ovulation itself and the period of infertility with certain signals. If a woman studies her menstrual cycle within 1-2 months using the Vesta device, then she will be able to accurately predict her “dangerous” and “safe” days in the future, based on the readings of the device.

Identification of a number of diseases and the normality of the course of the ovulatory cycle. With the help of signals, the device informs you about whether ovulation occurs at all. If, with a normal cycle of monthly ovulation, there is no more than 2 months, this is a reason for a mandatory visit to the doctor, because some formations produce hormones in large quantities that block ovulation. Thus, “Vesta” allows you to diagnose a number of diseases at an early stage. But the sooner treatment is started, the easier it is to solve the problem.

Determination of the probable cause of delayed menstruation. With the help of the device, a woman draws up a schedule for the course of her critical days and compares it with the normal schedule. If deviations from the norm are observed within 2-3 months, you should consult a doctor to make sure that the ovaries are functioning normally, to identify factors that affect the delay, the cycle and determine the likely causes of infertility.

With the help of Vesta, parents can predict the sex of the child at conception. Sex planning is based on the correct choice of the day of conception relative to the day of ovulation. If conception occurs 2-4 days before ovulation, then it is more likely to conceive a girl. Late conception is more likely to conceive a boy. With the help of the device, a woman determines whether ovulation has already occurred (which is favorable for the birth of girls). If the egg has already left the follicle, you can plan sons.

“Vesta” is an indispensable assistant for a lady “in position” and an already established mother. The device allows you to determine the probable pregnancy at an early stage. During gestation, indicates a possible threat of miscarriage. And after childbirth, the device will determine the beginning of the first “dangerous” period before the onset of the first menstruation.

During the onset of menopause it is especially important for women to monitor their health – hormonal changes affect the occurrence of specific diseases. With the help of Vesta, a woman will be able to monitor her hormonal status in menopause and notice its violations in time, indicating a possible onset of diseases.

“Vesta” will also help to determine the decrease in the physiological properties of the body. One of the important indicators of the physiological state of the human body is the presence of full-fledged metabolic processes. The most important element of these processes is potassium. Its deficiency causes serious disorders of the body. “Vesta” registers the content of potassium in the body and, accordingly, allows you to notice a decrease in its amount in the body in time.

Following instructions, you can use all of the above properties of the device for as long as you like. The term of the device is not limited. At the same time, the cost of Vesta is on average equal to the cost of 9 months of taking hormonal pills. Holidays are ahead, and “Vesta-test” can be an excellent gift and a sign of special care.

Vesta is a very sensitive instrument. The accuracy of determining the phase of the ovulation cycle is 99.6%. If you have questions while using it, you can contact its creators and receive the necessary advice both on the use of the Vesta device and on the interpretation of its indications, as well as information on gynecological issues.

Health is said to be precious. The health of a woman and her children is in the hands of the woman herself.
“Vesta” will help you to save this jewel!

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