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We are used to scrolling through the social media feed at night, posting something or watching it on the YouTube app. In the morning, the smartphone also turns out to be almost the first object in our hands. You need to look at the weather, read the headlines of the proposed news and, of course, scroll through the feed on Instagram. Many also have breakfast, buried in the phone. A modern person grabs a smartphone like a saving straw. Surely, they saw people at parties or presentations, with obviously exaggerated curiosity, looking at something on the phone. The same is true in restaurants: they satisfied their hunger and quickly reached into their mobile phone – silence settled around the table …

There are not so many reasons why we do not part with our gadget. One of them is that we are simply bored. We are so used to complaining about the lack of time, but imagine if the Internet suddenly disappeared. For some, this will be a blow in the gut: you can’t sit on social networks anymore, you won’t hang on the Web.

In a restaurant or at a boring party, it’s the same: when the topics are exhausted and the conversation is not going well, it’s time to pretend that you received SMS … On the other hand, is it worth scolding yourself? A smartphone has long become a part of the life of a modern person, we need it for work and communication. The main thing is not to allow the substitution of concepts.

Why does a child need a smartphone?

“For a modern person, a telephone is the most relevant thing. Forgetting or losing your smartphone is one of the strongest fears. After all, this has long been not only a means of communication – it is also a wallet, and a player, and a navigator, a tool for watching videos, reading books – access to the global information space. Our phone keeps in memory all calls, messages dear to the heart, correspondence, personal photos. This creates a whole story, the phone is part of the person himself. In fact, you can leave the house with your phone in your hands and not need anything.

In addition, children now have phones very early. Parents buy either to entertain the child, to be in touch with him, and simply to take a break from the child themselves. But it is a complex tool and children should be able to use it. Because any object is fraught with both benefit and harm. It is very important to discuss and control access to the Internet and the possibilities of games.

Ideally, children should not use a smartphone at home. It is wrong if we do not let go of the phone even at home, we must communicate with each other. At the same time, children always look at their parents: if you hang out on your smartphone, then they will take an example from you.

You can set certain rules: we do not go into the bedroom with the phone, we leave it outside. We sit down at the table and put our phones away together. At least two hours before bedtime, you should not be in the hands of the gadget. Colorful pictures, bright screen strongly stimulate our brain. If we play, then this is an additional stimulation. Games on the phone are dangerous because a person can quite easily become addicted. Our brain really likes the constant injection of hormones of joy that are produced with the next achievement in the game, but before going to bed, frenzied activity is useless.

How to identify smartphone addiction?

“Addiction is a state where there is an obsessive need to use a certain thing (or substance). We define it not even because of how often a person uses it, but how he manages without this item. For example, without a phone, a person’s mood noticeably worsens, attention is scattered, he constantly thinks about how to return the phone, all other things fall out of hand. This is the real withdrawal syndrome.

There are people who actively use the phone for work and not only, but on vacation they can easily do without it for most of the day. There is no need to talk about addiction.

Now, for obvious reasons, we will see an increase in activity in social networks. But if you think more globally, then constant online communication is unsafe. In particular, this is fraught with the fact that people suffer from emotional intelligence. Especially for children. When a child gets by with emoticons and does not learn to express emotions. He does not know how to manifest them and does not learn to read strangers. And it has already been proven that in modern life, emotional intelligence is especially important for a person. Yes, now we are in self-isolation mode, but sooner or later we will return to normal life. And it is important not to embellish your life and personality, which is so easy to do on social networks. Remember that nothing can replace real communication!”


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