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What do patients want?

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What determines the shape of the nose

Shape correction with fillers

How to avoid disappointment

What do patients want?

“As a rule, people turn to me because they want to give the face a more harmonious look. That is, they want to get an attractive appearance in general, and not any particular shape of the nose. During the consultation, I set the patient up for this. Often people come with a desire to remove the hump or, in their words, “get rid of the beak.” Sometimes patients are irritated by the tip of the nose. If we dig deeper, we will inevitably face the question: what will happen to the face after the correction? I build a conversation with patients in such a way that they perceive the nose as part of a whole, and not an organ in itself. In my opinion, this is the most correct approach.

Making a small nose on a large face or copying a nose from someone else’s photo without taking into account individual anatomical features is always a bad idea. The thickness of the skin and tissues, the length of the nasal bones and the face itself play a big role and do not always allow the patient’s wishes to be fully realized. If the surgeon goes as far as possible and does what the person wants, the result may look unnatural.

During the consultation, I always explain to the patient why the desired nose shape is not suitable. Together we try to come to an understanding regarding the best result of the operation.

What determines the shape of the nose?

The hereditary factor is of great importance. Nationality also plays a role. At the same time, there is another serious factor that has nothing to do with heredity – trauma. If the bone was damaged at an early age and a callus formed, this could lead to the formation of a hump. It is also worth considering that our nose is formed up to 25 years. Facial tissues and the shape of the skull can change throughout life, and this affects the shape of the nose. I do not operate on people under the age of majority. This is due not only to legal requirements, but also to the active growth stage of a young organism. From the age of 18, a favorable time for change begins. Yesterday’s schoolchildren enter higher educational institutions, immerse themselves in adulthood. Many of them want to feel confident, and they decide on rhinoplasty. At this age, the nose will not change too much, so you can turn to a plastic surgeon.

It is important to understand that cosmetic methods for correcting the shape of the nose are carried out according to certain indications. They are applicable in a small number of cases, and the amount of correction, as a rule, is insignificant. Refer only to qualified specialists, because in inept hands these techniques can be dangerous, and the results of exposure will no longer be corrected.

Correction with fillers

So, we are interested in a non-surgical way to correct the shape of the nose, namely, with the help of fillers. Among the advantages:

  • low cost (from 20 thousand rubles);

  • lack of anesthesia, the area is covered with an anesthetic cream;

  • lack of a rehabilitation period;

  • you can evaluate the final result after 1-2 weeks, when the gel completely “settles down”;

  • manipulation takes about 30-40 minutes, after which the patient goes home or to work.

You may need about ten punctures. After that, you will experience bursting sensations in the nose, traumatic edema, a high probability of hematomas – however, everything is not critical. After correction, it is also painful to smile, sneeze, wince and bend over. For another ten days, the bridge of the nose will hurt when pressed. But it is worthwhile to understand that not everything can be contoured – cosmetologists warn about this at an in-person consultation. What imperfections can you fix?

  • light hump;

  • low nose bridge;

  • sharp corners of the bridge of the nose;

  • asymmetrical shape;

  • too narrow nose;

  • dropped tip.

In addition to fillers, other drugs can be used. The consequences are also different. Some are satisfied with the result, others are frankly disappointed. Here is a review from one of the girls who wanted to reduce the tip of her nose that was too wide. “A month after the procedure, the shape of the nostrils changed beyond recognition. This has never happened before. One nostril narrowed to the limit, while the other retained its former shape. I would not even have noticed this horror if a person from outside had not told me about it. Moreover, with poor artificial lighting, traces of injections are sometimes noticeable. They look like small spots, have a brown tint, and in natural light they are not visible at all. However, one has only to go into a restaurant with subdued lights, and all my rhinoplasty becomes visible to everyone around. I regret what I did.”

It is also worth understanding that the effect of such a correction is temporary. Depending on the viscosity of the drug, on average, the nose will keep a new shape for 1-2 years. That is, if you regularly repeat the procedure, it will be cheaper to do classic rhinoplasty.

How to avoid disappointment

“There is no need to place too high hopes on cosmetic procedures. With their help, you can correct small irregularities. Sometimes I use fillers after rhinoplasty. The volume is small: only 0.1-0.2 ml. They give a good result if placed anatomically correctly. Remember that each method has its own limitations, and first of all think about your safety.

In my opinion, in principle, it is incorrect to compare rhinoplasty with contour plastic surgery. This is the same as comparing facelift plastic surgery and hardware cosmetology. Is it possible to achieve an effect with the help of hardware, as after a facelift? It all depends on the technique, the level of the specialist and the characteristics of the person.

In general, you should not compare cosmetology and surgery. Some areas of the body, such as the nasolabial region, cannot be corrected with plastic surgery. The quality of the skin can also be improved only by a beautician.

Different nose correction methods can complement each other. To understand which method is right for you, you need to consult with a specialist.

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