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Elena Malysheva

The TV presenter some time ago was taken from the set to the Botkin hospital with a hypertensive crisis. The doctor felt unwell and urgently asked for help. During the trip, Malysheva recorded a video message to subscribers, in which she once again told about the need to monitor blood pressure levels. Normally, its indicator is 120/80. With age (after forty years), the rate naturally increases, but if the pressure is above 140/90, then this is a good reason to see a doctor – you will begin to measure the pressure twice a day and write down the indicators. Based on the diary, the doctor will decide on therapy. Sometimes it becomes lifelong, that is, it will be necessary to take drugs every day that restrain the level of pressure.

“Pressure is always a threat of a stroke! I am a doctor and I know what to do. It is very important that in such situations you also behave correctly, ”Malysheva shared.

The TV presenter advises not to postpone the examination by a doctor if you have a hypertensive crisis. Among the tests that must be passed: a biochemical blood test, urinalysis, ECG and echocardiography. You may also need an ultrasound of the kidneys.

Anna Mikhalkova

Do not think that hypertension is a diagnosis of the elderly. Already at the age of forty, many patients are faced with pressure surges that worsen the quality of life. Anna Mikhalkova is 44 years old and she calls herself a hypertensive patient with experience. The actress once said that after losing 15 kilograms, she had to seriously take care of her health. Weight jumps are not reflected in the best way in the level of pressure. Other factors include heavy fatty foods, the amount of salt, lack of exercise. In addition, hypertensive patients are sensitive to sudden changes in weather and atmospheric pressure. In the heat, such patients feel obviously tired, lethargic.


The singer, who suffered a hypertensive crisis after one of the concerts in 2018, has made an innovation in the work of the team. Now, at every performance, an ambulance is on duty backstage in case one of the participants needs help. According to Lolita, both she and her colleagues have already reached the age. when such action is necessary. In addition, the singer reduced the amount of alcohol, which, of course, negatively affects the level of pressure, contributes to its increase.

Fedor Dobronravov

Valery Leontiev had to cancel a planned concert a couple of years ago and return money for tickets to fans. Blame, too, was a hypertensive crisis. The doctors insisted on not going on stage that day. And Leontiev listened to them, honestly telling the audience about it. Those reacted with understanding – despite a healthy lifestyle, at a certain age, no one is immune from a sharp jump in health.

Fedor Dobronravov was less fortunate: the matter was not limited to a crisis, the actor had a stroke. The artist spent a couple of weeks at the Institute of Emergency Medicine. Sklifosovsky, where he underwent surgery. The recovery period was rather short, Dobronravov returned to the stage a month later. And a year later he was again in a state of pre-stroke. And both times, colleague Tatyana Vasilyeva turned out to be next to him – she immediately realized that something was wrong with the actor, and both times she called the doctors. In the first case, a stroke occurred right on stage: Dobronravov turned pale, and backstage, during a break, he could not smile and raise one of his hands – these are signs indicating a probable stroke.

Alexey Vorobyov

Dobronravov’s young colleagues also experienced a stroke. Singer Alexei Vorobyov faced a diagnosis at the age of 25. Doctors gave a disappointing prognosis, but the artist was able to recover quite quickly. And years later regularly monitors the pressure. A sharp jump in pressure caused a stroke in Olga Buzova’s sister, Anna. Something was wrong with her husband, who quickly took the girl to the hospital. Anna still recalls what happened with excitement: “It’s really a very terrible state when you understand everything, you try to say, but you can’t … you mumble and roar from hopelessness …”.

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