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What is the reason?

“The root cause of hemorrhoids is the prolapse of the internal organs, which are displaced into the small pelvis, begin to put pressure on the veins and cause blood stasis in the lower body. As a result, everyone “gets”: the legs “get” edema and varicose veins, the uterus – heavy periods, the rectum – hemorrhoids.

A sedentary lifestyle provokes the development of hemorrhoids, but is not the actual cause. Moreover, this is not an obligatory consequence: most people have prolapse of internal organs, but hemorrhoids occur if there is a gross prolapse and, possibly, a metabolic disorder that leads to a decrease in the strength of the connective tissue.

Pregnant women often experience hemorrhoids, why?

The answer is very simple. The “pregnant” uterus closes the vessels more strongly, the pressure increases. Often this disease worsens after childbirth. Why? When the baby’s head passes through the small pelvis, it further increases the compression of the veins, and when straining, intra-abdominal and, as a result, venous pressure in the pelvic area increases, so exacerbation of hemorrhoids after childbirth is a frequent phenomenon.

What types are there?

There are two types of hemorrhoids: external and internal. Can we say that in one of the cases the patient was more fortunate?

No, there is no fundamental difference between the external and internal form. Bleeding can happen anyway. Concomitant discomfort (anal itching, pain during defecation) the patient will experience in both forms of the disease.

Can anal sex cause hemorrhoids?

No, because hemorrhoids have a root cause, a background, and it is associated with the prolapse of the viscera, but not with external factors. Another issue is that anal sex can cause damage to the mucosa. If a person initially has hemorrhoids, his mucosa is more loose, and in the absence of a sufficient amount of lubrication, it can be easily damaged.

Sometimes some confuse hemorrhoids with papillomas around the anus – they also cause significant discomfort. But do they have anything to do with hemorrhoids?

There is no point in comparing them. Papillomas are a viral disease. Moreover, they can occur anywhere: on the mucous membranes, on the neck, in the groin, under the arms. So these are fundamentally different diseases: one is viral, the other is associated with circulatory disorders. Again, they cannot be compared.

Is surgery always needed?

“Traditionally, exacerbation of hemorrhoids is removed with candles, someone resorts to folk remedies. With a mild form of the disease, people get some relief, the discomfort disappears, it seems as if the problem has receded. But when a node gets too big, it is removed.

It is important to understand that neither surgical treatment nor local remedies eliminate the root cause of the disease: they do not make it possible to unblock the sacrum, to return the lowered internal organs to their place. This can only be done by an osteopath. And to say goodbye to the problem once and for all, so that when provoking factors appear (if we are talking about women, they can become childbirth), hemorrhoids do not arise again, it is possible only by eliminating the root cause – prolapse of internal organs.

In my practice, there were patients who were recommended only surgery as a treatment for hemorrhoids, but through osteopathic treatment, the use of special techniques, they were able to help without surgery. And this is not an isolated case when, on the background of osteopathic treatment, patients get rid of a number of such diseases without resorting to extreme measures.”

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