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Injuries caused by falls in icy conditions, as well as during winter sports, lead to various serious consequences: from concussion to open fractures. But even if the case ended with a slight bruise, at the moment when suddenly “the ground goes out from under the feet” and the person loses his balance, it can be annoying, insulting, and … painful. How to quickly relieve this pain, avoid a “bump”, a bruise, and even if it appears, help it dissolve quickly and without consequences?

In general, the cold is an excellent pain reliever in itself. Now that every apartment has a refrigerator with a freezer, there is nothing more effective against pain than ice. Cold treatment helps not only with bruises and dislocations, but also with rheumatic pains. By the way, for some reason, our women have the opinion that cold, and even more so ice compresses applied to the forehead or temples, can “freeze” the brain and even lead to meningitis. However, in medicine, the method of treatment with cold has been known for a long time and is called cryotherapy.

Applying a cold compress does more than just relieve pain. Within a few minutes after its application, the flow of lymph and blood in the vessels is halved. Therefore, if cold treatment is started immediately, then even with a severe bruise, swelling will not appear and there will be no bruising. But the process should be interrupted every three to five minutes: especially in cases where pain from the cold appears. Otherwise, prolonged cooling may cause frostbite on the skin.

Ice therapy is beneficial in many ways. For a cold compress, a terry towel is taken on the back, dipped in cold water and squeezed thoroughly. Then placed in the freezer for two to three hours. A frozen towel is easy to unroll and put on your back; the pain goes away almost immediately.

For compresses, it is good to use plastic bags for ice or special compresses in the form of hermetically sealed pads of various shapes with concentrated saline, which can be heated or cooled as desired. They are easy to apply as a bandage on the knee joint, the area around the nose (if you need to stop the bleeding).

A useful remedy for pain is an ice roller. To make it, take a glass of yogurt, fill it with water and put it in the freezer. When the water begins to solidify, stick a wooden spatula into the glass (for example, from ice cream). With its help, it will be easy to pull out the ice roller. Use it for rubbing painful areas of the body.

And to always have an emergency first aid tool on hand, small plastic bags are densely filled with lentils and placed in the freezer. If necessary, you always have a cold compress ready, which after use can be placed back in the refrigerator for “recharging”.


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