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The summer abundance of fruits and vegetables allows you to solve many problems with both appearance and health, allowing you not to resort to expensive health and beauty products. It is enough to go to the market or garden to get all the necessary, useful, and most importantly – natural ingredients for health and beauty. Therefore, we advise you not to waste time and use this abundance to solve your problems. Today we invite you to use peach and apricots for health purposes, the season of which will already begin any day.

What are these miracle fruits good for?

Firstly, they play an important role in metabolism, improve skin nutrition, retain moisture in its cells, protecting the skin from wrinkles.

Secondly, pectins found in these fruits, reduce the activity of harmful microorganisms, suppress putrefactive processes, rejuvenate and refresh the skin.

Thirdly, fruit acids whiten it and exfoliate dead cells.

And finally their vitamins are involved in all metabolic processes, eliminate flabbiness, fatigue of the skin, give the face a healthy color. Besides, apricots and peaches contain a minimum of calories (only 43 kcal per 100 g), which means that there is a double benefit here: you will lose weight and the body will be saturated with vitamins.

Most often, these berries are used for cosmetic purposes – they make excellent nourishing masks. To do this, fresh, ripe and unspoiled fruits are washed, freed from stones, then rubbed into gruel, and then applied to the skin previously cleansed with lotion. It is desirable to use such a fruit mixture immediately, otherwise the healing properties quickly disappear.

If you want to enhance the nourishing effect of the mask, then you can add additional useful ingredients to the fruit mixture (for example, honey, egg, cottage cheese, olive oil), acting on the principle “you can’t spoil porridge with oil”. As an example, we can recommend a mask that is suitable for normal skin: mash one peach into a pulp, 1 tbsp. l. cottage cheese and 1 yolk. Apply this mixture for 10-15 minutes and wash it off with water at room temperature.

If you have dry skin, then again it will help out peach, mashed into gruel, only here you need to add 1 tsp as an additional remedy. lemon juice. The method of applying such a mask is the same as in the first version. But for sensitive skin, knead 1 tsp. cottage cheese with 1 tsp. honey, add to this 2 tsp. peach juice (to do this, squeeze peach gruel through gauze, grate the fruit or squeeze it in a juicer). Apply a thick paste on the face and hold for 10-15 minutes, and then rinse with cold water.

This peach liquid (if you made too much of it and you have it left) will come in handy in another cosmetic procedure – softening too coarse hair on the eyebrows, as well as their loss. Here it is most appropriate to make a compress. To do this, heat the squeezed peach juice in an enamel bowl. Then soak thin cotton wool flagella with warmed juice, put on the eyebrows and cover with strips of parchment paper, and then secure with a bandage. Hold this compress for 15-20 minutes. And you will be all right.

Generally, now masks from any fruit juice with the addition of milk will be very necessary for the skin, which perfectly moisturize your skin, because after sunbathing the skin looks overdried. After the mask, rinse your face with water and apply any nourishing cream.

Peach will help not only to bring your face into proper shape, but also put it in order hair. In general, peach fruits have long been used in hair cosmetics. Their use gave the hair silkiness, softness, the hair fit well into the hairstyle. Therefore, now it is a sin not to use these unique fruits in order to improve the condition of your hair.

So, beauticians recommend pampering oily hair with a mask of oatmeal and peach. To do this, take 2 ripe fruits and mash them into a pulp, then add 2 tbsp. l. oatmeal and mix thoroughly. Before washing your hair, divide your hair into strands and apply the resulting mass to the roots of the hair, and distribute the rest along the entire length. Put a plastic bag over it, and then insulate with a woolen scarf or terry towel. After 40-50 minutes, wash your hair with a mild shampoo for oily hair and rinse with acidified water (1 teaspoon of vinegar or citric acid in a bowl of water).

And if you have dry hair, which is often found in the hot season, then prepare this peach mask: to the peach gruel, add 2 tbsp. l. cottage cheese and 1 tbsp. l. melted honey. Mix everything thoroughly. Then repeat the same procedure as in the previous case, only rinse your hair not with vinegar, but with infusion of fresh chamomile. It can be prepared as follows: chop 2 chamomile plants and pour 2 cups of boiling water, cover and boil for another 5 minutes, then let it brew until cool. Then strain the resulting infusion and add it to a basin of water for rinsing.

If you have normal hair, then wipe it with just peach water. For its preparation squeeze the juice from 4 ripe peaches and add 1/3 of the amount of juice obtained to boiled cold water and mix thoroughly. The application procedure is the same, just rinse your hair with plain warm water with the addition of 2-3 drops of lavender oil.

And, of course, in the most peach season, do not forget to eat these fruits in a live form: if you eat at least 3-4 apricots or peaches a day, then cleanse your body of harmful decay products.


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