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We discuss what secret operations modern medicine offers to improve aesthetic perception and increase sensuality with experts: PhD, plastic surgeon Ksenia Avdoshenko, and PhD, gynecologist-endocrinologist Lyudmila Ugryumova.

Lip correction

It may seem strange at first glance, but the labia minora plays an important role in the “anatomy of an orgasm.” This part of the body is directly related to the clitoris. If the lips are of normal size, have a good tone, then during sex they swell, become denser and, as it were, “support” the clitoris, thereby enhancing the pleasant sensations.

Plastic surgery of small lips is necessary, as a rule, in three cases. First, when they are hypertrophied sizes. Secondly, when they are flabby, stretched. And thirdly, when they simply have an unaesthetic appearance. And if in the first two cases the connection with orgasm is obvious and physiological, then in the third it is a matter of psychology. As we know, the female orgasm, unlike the male one, is strongly “tied” to psychology. And if you worry about your appearance all the time, then you have no time for orgasms.

Circumcision and fillers

The vast majority of women are familiar and accustomed only to the clitoral orgasm. Therefore, there are surgical and injection techniques that help increase the sensitivity of the clitoris. A topic that has been much discussed lately is the clitoral hood, which should (or should not) be removed because it allegedly affects orgastic function.

To enhance sensitivity and in order to “lift” the clitoris a little, hyaluronic acid can also be injected into it. Injections are not made directly into the clitoris: a too sensitive place is injected either along the hood or under the legs. By the way, experienced users assure that it is much more painful to “prick” in the face.

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As a rule, the filler is injected simultaneously into the labia minora, so that when excited, they also stimulate the clitoris. These techniques help to solve physiological problems that prevent orgasm or make it mild.

Those who are familiar with hyaluronic acid firsthand know that it dissolves, after a while you need to “poke fun”. So, the effect in intimate places lasts 6-12 months. And you can “try” the result three days after injections – it is for this time that sexual rest is recommended.

Sewing and tightening

You can often hear that after giving birth, a woman “there” is all stretched out. Therefore, now during sex, neither she nor the partner feel anything, both have an orgasm in question – and the vagina must be “sewn in”.

In reality, it is not at all necessary to do any surgical operations on the vagina: after any operation, scars remain, which completely deprive the vagina of erogenous zones.

But the technique of so-called laser rejuvenation is extremely effective in this case. Microscopic punctures are made on the mucous membrane with a laser beam. The mucosa is reduced, tightened, collagen appears in it, blood circulation improves. This procedure has three goals: to narrow the vagina, improve the blood supply to erogenous zones, and significantly increase the level of mucosal hydration. Together, this contributes to orgasm.

There is another option for manipulating the vagina – the introduction of hyaluronic acid at the G-spot.

Together with the G-spot, injections are usually made into the area of ​​​​the entrance to the vagina – a kind of roller is formed there, which is felt by both partners during sex, which serves as an additional pleasant “bonus”.

What are the guarantees?

Both operations and the introduction of hyaluronic acid are a kind of assistants in achieving orgasm. But do not rely on them as a panacea.

This is a big and important step towards yourself, but the future largely depends on the woman herself and on her partner.

Ksenia Avdoshenko

We are not in vain saying that the female orgasm is inherently much more psychological than the male. There are injections, there are operations, there are laser techniques. At the same time, one should not discount the numerous simulators and exercises that help to get to know your body better, learn how to control the muscles of the small pelvis.

Auxiliary factors – a lot. But let’s not forget that your orgasm is in your hands. And not only in the hands. Strive and everything will work out.

Ludmila Ugryumova

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