Orange mood: how to protect yourself from the vagaries of winter

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Admit it, after the winter holidays, you more than once caught yourself thinking that your loved ones, as if on purpose, conspired to spoil your mood.

Riot on the ship?

The child refuses to go to kindergarten or school, saying that he is not interested there. And where did his desire to see his friends every day go?

And the husband hardly wakes up in the morning and stays at work longer than usual, citing the fact that he does not have time to finish all the work during the working day.

Parents are complaining more about all sorts of ailments, and you just can’t get the whole family around the dinner table on the weekend.

Even your best friend, who has always been an example of a successful woman for you, suddenly lost her former energy, became less bright – in a word, she lost ground. Up to the point that she decided to quit, although back in the fall she touted the advantages and prospects for career growth in her company.

So what is this – a riot on the ship? Not at all. Remember the beginning of winter. Instead of fun and good mood, you were most likely depressed.

Annual reports at work, preparations for the New Year holidays, matinees with a child, global general cleaning, receiving guests and return visits …

The holidays flew by unnoticed, and now it’s time to prepare for new holidays: buy romantic trinkets to please your soulmate on Valentine’s Day, get ready to congratulate the defenders of the Fatherland.

What helped you cope with this eternal whirlwind? Probably, the fact that you came to your senses in time and began to fight against a seasonal breakdown.

At first, through “I can’t,” they went out to play snowballs, skate, snowscooter or ski with a child, because parental duty is a strong incentive!

Then they got involved, remembered a carefree childhood, and you yourself liked the winter fun, which, as an additional bonus, turned out to be useful for the figure. And most importantly, the whole family got their portion of pleasure and cheered up. This is a good weekend getaway recipe.

The ideal way to get out of hibernation is a vacation or a weekend spent in the sun. The sun is the same battery for our body.

It is enough to soak up in its rays, and a smile appears on the lips by itself, and it seems that everything is not hopeless. It has long been noticed: a couple of days spent at sea fills you with strength and optimism better than any energy cocktails.

And if holidays and an abundance of sun in your latitudes are not yet foreseen, an alternative to a beach holiday can be a SPA, a swimming pool and a solarium. However, these are one-time procedures.

How to restore strength in winter day after day?

Nature tells, science creates

Vitamins are an indispensable tool for returning lost tone, strength and energy. In winter, be sure to eat fruits and vegetables in the amount prescribed by nutritionists.

This common truth is known to everyone, but few can observe it. For example, tangerines and oranges are a storehouse of vitamin C, which we especially need during the cold and flu season.

But did you know that to get your daily value of this vitamin from your favorite citrus fruits, you should eat at least three kilograms in one sitting!

Not far from allergies! And where can you find such vegetables and fruits that did not absorb the entire periodic table during cultivation?

Based on the clues of nature, modern pharmaceuticals have found a solution to the problem of beriberi. So that the body receives useful substances, and fruits and vegetables bring only pleasure, special vitamin complexes.

In particular, the vitamin preparation showed high efficiency of application. Vitrum®.

Of course, today it is difficult for a consumer who is skeptical about synthesized vitamins and any medicines and dietary supplements in general to believe that a dragee tablet with a pleasant taste can be an effective means of combating winter blues and ill health.

However, the practice of using the drug has confirmed: one tablet Vitrum® – the carrier of the whole complex of vitamins and minerals necessary for every day, and it is they, in combination with each other, that create a reliable barrier against aggressive environment, effectively protect our body, raise immunity and tone up.

It is enough to take Vitrum® once a day, without fractional doses or binding to a specific time. Convenient, isn’t it?

Thanks to Vitrum® you will be full of strength and energy, and your own reflection in the mirror will delight you day after day, regardless of the season.

And most importantly, you no longer need to think about vitamins, because they will think about you and your loved ones. Be healthy and happy! Orange mood to you!

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