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Vegetable counters have already become rather scarce: green cucumbers and purple eggplants are no longer visible, domestic plums and apricots have disappeared, and in general, the choice of living vitamins leaves much to be desired. But do not be upset: there are still in the bins of nature no less vitamin, and therefore useful natural gifts. Here we will talk about one such tasty and healthy miracle root vegetable today. And we will talk about juicy and sweet carrots.

Since ancient times, it has been considered the most common vegetable. Its roots were eaten, and the seeds were used to treat lung diseases. Culinaries excelled in preparing all kinds of dishes, and doctors widely used it as a medicine. It is just the last property of this vegetable that special attention should be paid.

Really, carrots are very beneficial for health due to the high content of vitamins in them – A, B1, B2, B3, B6, C, E, K, PP, mineral salts of potassium, iron, copper, iodine, phosphorus, enzymes, fructose and glucose, carotene. Moreover, the latter substance is extremely necessary for the body. But its lack in human nutrition leads to metabolic disorders, emaciation, growth retardation, dysfunction of the nervous system and various endocrine glands, a decrease in the body’s resistance to infections and visual acuity.

In addition, carrots have a beneficial effect on the digestive organs, including the pancreas, improve the metabolic functions of the liver, and have a positive effect on patients suffering from angina pectoris.

Special mention must be made about the juice of this healthy vegetable. It helps not only to bring the whole body back to normal, but is also a source of vitamin A, which is also called the growth vitamin (that’s why it is so necessary for children), it contains a large amount of vitamins B, C, D, E.

The juice improves the structure of the teeth, is an excellent remedy for fighting ulcers and cancers, treats skin inflammation and other skin diseases.. In addition, a carrot drink perfectly helps with violations of kidney function, and juice mixed with honey – with catarrhs ​​of the upper respiratory tract. It is interesting that in carrots, as in garlic and onions, there are a lot of phytoncides, although it does not emit any smell. It is enough to chew a piece of carrot, as the number of microbes in the mouth drops sharply.

Carrots are also very useful for nursing mothers, as they contribute to the secretion of milk.. It also has an antihelminthic effect. Its juice perfectly heals wounds and burns.

Also, what is very important, this orange miracle is an important dietary product for diabetics. It normalizes the functions of the gastrointestinal tract, liver, strengthens blood vessels and vision, promotes normal blood formation. Carrots are also used as a nutritious and general tonic. It is also very useful for urolithiasis and cholelithiasis, polyarthritis.

When eating carrots, you need to consider the total amount of carbohydrates and adjust your diet accordingly. Therefore, we offer you several recipes with this healthy vegetable.

For 500 g carrots –
80 g lemon juice
80 g crushed nuts,
100 g apples
10 g cumin.

Grate the prepared carrots, mix with lemon juice, crushed nuts and caraway seeds. Add grated apple.

Peel the carrots, wash, cut into thin slices, put in a hot pan with vegetable oil, fry until soft, put on a plate, season with sour cream and sprinkle with parsley.

This miracle vegetable is also widely used in cosmetology – in the preparation of various masks.. Therefore, those who prefer to use natural natural cosmetics, I think, will be interested in these recipes of ours.

For example, perfect for normal skin carrot-tomato mask. To prepare it, you will need half a ripe tomato and medium-sized carrots, which should be grated or passed through a meat grinder. Squeeze out the juice and add oatmeal to the carrot-tomato mixture so that a thick gruel is obtained, which must be applied to the face and washed off with cool water after 20 minutes.

And you can also prepare such a mask that is no less healthy for the skin: if you are preparing a carrot salad, then leave a couple of tablespoons of this salad for yourself, your beloved, and mix them with whipped protein, adding a spoonful of starch for thickness. Then apply this mixture on your face and wash off with cool water after 20 minutes.

Or you can just wipe your face with a piece carrot ice. Vitamins contained in carrots will help restore skin tone. This mask is recommended for women with oily or combination skin types.

Perfect for all skin types and nourishing vitamin mask of their carrot juice mixed with flour to the consistency of porridge. The mixture is applied in an even layer on thoroughly cleansed skin for 20 minutes. Then it is washed off with cold water. Oily, acne-prone skin is cleansed with this mask of excess fat and disinfected. Dry – saturated with vitamins and minerals. And finally, remember this important detail: it is advisable to use carrot masks only in the evening, as skin staining is possible. This pigment, although unstable, is very bright.


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