Orange has everything you need – an uplifting aroma, a delicious sweet and sour taste, a huge amount of vitamins so necessary for our beauty and health!

Oranges contain 5 types of fruit acids, 14 vitamins, 3 types of minerals, various enzymes, and moreover, grape and fruit sugar. But the main advantage of an orange, like all citrus fruits, is vitamin C. 150 grams of orange contains 80 mg of ascorbic acid, which cover the daily human need for vitamin C.

Oranges are useful for the body as a whole and for the digestive, endocrine, cardiovascular and nervous systems in particular.


For gastritis with reduced secretion of gastric juice, it is good to use freshly squeezed orange juice 100 ml 3 times a day. For the same purpose, an orange juice and okra cocktail is ideal, which should be taken three times a day before meals.

Chair problems

Taking two oranges daily before bed can help relieve constipation. In addition, this recipe can be used to remove toxins and normalize metabolism.


The salicylic acid contained in oranges makes it possible to successfully use these fruits at high temperatures. The recipe for such a drink has been known since antiquity: 3-4 slices of orange are poured with fifty milliliters of boiled water at room temperature and infused for thirty minutes.


With a lack of vitamin C, the so-called chronic fatigue syndrome develops, working capacity and mood fall, gradually pulls you to sleep, and frequent colds haunt you. To get rid of such troubles, it is enough to periodically give for several minutes over hot water, into which the skins of oranges or lemons are cut – and essential oils will quickly restore vigor and joy of life.


In Asian countries, orange is considered an indispensable component of an effective hangover remedy. For its preparation, fresh orange juice and egg yolk are used. It is believed that such a “potion” is sobering. Well, it is quite possible to check this after another merry holiday!


Oranges are indispensable in the prevention of many dental ailments. The fact is that vitamin C contained in oranges actively destroys the bacteria that cause caries and inflammation of the gums. And calcium, which is part of oranges, creates additional protection against such unpleasant dental diseases.


To combat migraines, the following recipe is used: unpeeled oranges, horseradish and thyme are passed through a meat grinder, 5-6 tablespoons of cognac are added to the resulting mass, after which everything is thoroughly mixed. Quadruple reception of forty grams of such a cocktail during the day will prevent another attack of headache!

For healthy offspring

Vitamin C deficiency has been found to increase the risk of sperm transmission of birth defects. And in order to exclude this possibility, make sure that your man eats 1 orange daily.

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