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Last year, Passion, talking about the prevention of varicose veins, conducted a survey “Have you contacted a phlebologist?”. The result is predictable and rather bleak: more than 60% of women know what they need, but they won’t get together. And only 10% of our readers have no complaints about their own legs.

Many people think that evening fatigue in the legs, heaviness, and swelling are nothing, and “it doesn’t happen to anyone”. In fact, these may be the first signs of venous disease. And they should be taken especially seriously if at least one of your parents was diagnosed with varicose veins. The hereditary factor plays an extremely important role.

How the disease develops

Under the influence of gravity, blood should have flowed down through the vessels of the legs … But the fact is that there are special structures in the veins, venous valves. They open only upwards, and when you try to move in the opposite direction, they close. Healthy valves ensure that blood flows through the vein from the bottom up, preventing it from returning back. Blood rises through the veins also due to the contraction of muscles and blood vessels.

The more elastic the walls of your blood vessels and the more active you move, the better this “pump” works – so walking, swimming or cycling is an excellent prevention of varicose veins. If a person moves a little and does not “drive” the blood up, then the venous valve may not be able to cope with the downward flow and begin to let blood back. As a result, stagnation of blood appears and varicose veins can form. And even if it is small and still invisible from the outside, where there is a knot, the valve flaps no longer converge. Blood flows down – as a result, heaviness in the legs is felt, after a long standing or sitting, noticeable swelling forms. It would seem, just fatigue? And it’s time for a phlebologist!

How to stop the development of varicose veins

It is best, of course, to stop varicose veins at an early stage. To do this, you need to stand and sit less, run and walk more. Moderate stress on the muscles is the very mechanism that pumps blood up the veins. Lying down is also good, and with your legs up higher on the wall or at least on a pillow. This will allow you to use gravity to your advantage: the blood will flow from the feet, and the valves will close in the usual direction.

If the legs are already “buzzing” in the evenings, and even more so – they hurt, if spider veins appear on the legs, then more drastic measures are needed. According to the results of the examination, the phlebologist can select the appropriate therapy and prescribe the use of venotonic agents. One such remedy is Detralex®. It helps to increase the tone of the walls of blood vessels and helps to reduce the unpleasant symptoms of varicose veins. Such timely measures can prevent the development of the disease and delay the operation on the veins for a long time.

Instructions for the medical use of the drug Detralex®. LP-003635

There are contraindications. Before use, read the instructions.

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