Pathology of the thyroid gland on the example of Maria Minogarova: how to live after the removal of the gland

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Maria Minogarova about her own thyroid gland: “mean organ”

The TV presenter in recent interviews said that for many years she felt disgusting. The girl associated this with nervous work: attempts to build a modeling career, exhausting diets in order to follow model ideals, then intense filming in television projects did not affect her well-being in the best way. The model constantly experienced mood swings, uncontrolled attacks of aggression, fatigue. Having finally found time for a complete examination of the body, it became clear that the pathology in the thyroid gland was to blame. According to Minogarova, the thyroid gland is “a vile organ that does not hurt or interfere, but it greatly affects the emotional state” (since it is responsible for the production of hormones). Removal of the gland is not the most popular solution – it is resorted to only in a number of specific cases, indications.

After the operation, the girl’s health slowly but surely began to improve. However, she continues to take hormonal drugs. According to Maria, doctors do not recommend that she become pregnant for the next few years, but our experts assure that this is too long a period. It is possible to get pregnant after such an operation. Minogarova herself adds that she does not plan to become a mother yet, which means that this issue is not acute for her.

Pathologies of the thyroid gland, as we have already said, are quite common. Therefore, in the international medical calendar there is even Thyroid Day – it is celebrated on May 25th. Among the stars who have experienced serious problems associated with the work of this gland, Gigi Hadid, Kim Cattrall, Sofia Vergara, Oprah Winfrey, ex-tattoo Yulia Volkova come to mind.

Expert commentary: indications for removal of the thyroid gland

The first indication for surgical treatment, of course, is a malignant neoplasm of the thyroid gland. Following current recommendations, even in the presence of a malignant lesion of the thyroid gland, in many cases we are trying to find a way to save part of the thyroid gland, as this affects the quality of life after surgery. Another syndrome that requires examination before deciding on an operation is thyrotoxicosis (increased functional activity of the thyroid gland). An important point in making a decision in this case is the possibility of using an alternative to surgery – radioactive iodine therapy. And again, in this case, the first and most important thing is a multidisciplinary approach to treatment: to what extent this or that method is indicated and safe for the patient.

Another large group of thyroid pathologies is multinodular goiter in all its clinical variants (euthyroid, mixed, toxic). By itself, a multinodular goiter is not dangerous and, with proper examination and diagnosis, requires only observation. But there are cases when the patient’s thyroid gland has a compressive effect on the airways, neck vessels, thereby causing a number of consequences that change the quality of life. In this case, the best way to solve the problem is surgery. When examining for thyroid pathology, the indications for surgery may be very different, but the mechanisms for achieving treatment results should be personalized, and the approach to treatment should be multidisciplinary.

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Our clinic has developed and implemented an algorithm for managing patients with various thyroid diseases, and the average length of stay in the hospital is 1 day. The entire early postoperative period, the patient is observed on an outpatient basis, and can even work remotely. The main principle of this algorithm is to ensure safety during the operation (use of neuromonitoring). Due to this, patients with different severity of the disease spend approximately the same time in the clinic, and the outpatient recovery period is also approximately the same.

Expert commentary: when you can get pregnant and what causes weight gain

Various pathologies of the thyroid gland in our country are very common, since there is an iodine deficiency in Russia, and this already provokes the development of various thyroid diseases, ranging from diffuse goiter associated with iodine deficiency, ending with autoimmune thyroiditis and nodular formations of the thyroid gland. There are certain indications for the operation to remove the gland.

Among them:

  • proven thyroid cancer;

  • syndrome of compression of the surrounding vital organs associated with an increase in the thyroid gland;

  • functional autonomy, that is, nodular goiter of the thyroid gland, which works functionally and is not subject to any therapeutic measures;

  • this is a long-term thyrotoxicosis, which often recurs.

The entire thyroid gland is removed only if it is thyrotoxicosis or it is a proven oncology of the thyroid gland. In all other cases, some partial removal of thyroid tissue is possible.

The recovery period takes about a month – during this period you can understand: if the thyroid gland is removed, then replacement therapy begins immediately, if partial removal, then during this month we understand how effectively the main part of the thyroid gland works. Usually passes safely, as a rule, without complications.

As for pregnancy after, everything is decided on an individual basis. Of course, it is not recommended to become pregnant immediately after the operation, because it takes some time, at least 2-3 months, to establish what hormonal level has formed in the patient after the operation, since during pregnancy the load on the thyroid gland doubles especially in the first trimester of pregnancy. It is important that thyroid hormones are sufficient for both mother and child.

If the patient does not receive hormone replacement therapy and there is a lack of thyroid hormones, then weight gain may occur. That is, the metabolism slows down greatly, weight gain occurs – both due to adipose tissue and due to excess fluid – there is pronounced edema in the patient.

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