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Not everyone will tell you that he has not had sex for a long time. Even in the company of close friends, you do not always dare to make such a revelation. And all because the presence of sex has also become a part of success, without which there is nowhere in modern life. Like, if a woman does not have a partner, then no one wants her, or she does not know how to build relationships, or even worse – she is a log in bed! Yes, and doctors vied with each other that despite different temperaments and appetites, a normal dose of sex is two or three times a week. And if less or not at all? We asked a number of questions to our expert.

How long can a woman do without sex and can masturbation replace it?

“Much depends on the sexual constitution (a person’s sexual appetites, his needs for sex – ed.). A woman with a weak sexual constitution during abstinence, that is, abstinence, does not have any painful sensations from both the mental sphere and the gynecological one. Stagnation in the genitals can contribute to some extent, but it does not necessarily guarantee the development of gynecological pathology. No wonder gynecologists back in the 19th century called myoma a disease of nuns.

For women with an average and strong sexual constitution, abstinence is more painful. If we are talking only about gynecology, then masturbation may well completely neutralize the pathological consequences of the absence of sexual activity. Provided that orgasms are achieved regularly.

Someone has not had sex for years – what problems can this lead to?

“Not only the physical component is important, but also the mental one. Man wants to love and be loved. Caress, emotional attachment, closeness – all this is worth a lot, it improves the quality of life, helps to cope with problems, sometimes even gives meaning to life. And it’s not just about sex, but in deeper meanings and concepts. Of course, a person can adapt, live without a relationship, but life in love is still more fulfilling.

How important is regular sex for a woman? And regular is how often?

“Of course, regular sex life with a loved one makes a woman happier. Improves both mental and physical health. As for the frequency, it really depends on the sexual constitution of the woman, and on the capabilities of her man. This should be a joy, not a burden, because these are not TRP standards. Knowing your true needs and realizing them is the way to harmony with yourself and your partner.

What are the disadvantages of masturbation worth knowing? Or is it extremely useful?

“Masturbation is not so simple. On the one hand, the process contributes to orgastic discharge, balance of hormones, improvement of mood, prevention of gynecological diseases. On the other hand, there are maladaptive ways of masturbation (such as shower jet, vibration). In this case, a woman trains her body to respond to specific stimuli, sometimes in cases where she later finds a man, it can be difficult for her to get an orgasm during a classic intercourse.

Or another option: a woman is excited only when watching pornography. The less realistic scenarios for her life, the more difficult it will be to be excited by classical stimuli.

In addition, there is another point. The more satisfaction in the “mono mode”, the less need and need to look for these sensations in a pair. That is, on the one hand, it seems to be an adaptation, and on the other hand, a lack of motivation to arrange a personal life. But to each his own. I personally believe that everyone can find their soul mate, for this it is important to know yourself, to be able to look for what you need, to be able to build relationships and maintain them. Try. Search. If it doesn’t work, see a sexologist. It is important to build the right strategy for searching, choosing, realizing mistakes, correcting them.”

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