Permanent makeup – good or bad?

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4 arguments “for” permanent makeup

  1. The advantages of the permanent makeup procedure include, first of all, its economic benefits. How long does brow tint last on average? On the strength of 2 weeks, and you need to go to the beauty salon again and put them in order. Eyebrow tattoo will please you much longer (up to 5 years), while the master will select the color for you and make the perfect shape. Permanent makeup periodically needs correction – it depends, first of all, on the individual characteristics of the body and metabolism. If necessary, it can be done every 2-2.5 years. Arrows above the eyes can last up to 10 years, lip tattoo – 2-3 years. And all this time you will not need to spend money on cosmetics, get up in the morning to do makeup – you will always look beautiful. You will not experience discomfort on the beach, in the pool or in the morning after a date.

  2. Another obvious advantage of the permanent makeup procedure is its painlessness. Even when tattooing such an extremely sensitive area as the areola of the nipples, for example, after augmentation mammoplasty, you will not feel pain. Of course, you can ask the tattoo artist to use an anesthetic cream if in doubt or if you have an increased sensitivity threshold, but in general this procedure does not require any special anesthesia.

  3. The permanent makeup procedure does not have a large list of contraindications. This is another argument in favor of this procedure. It is not recommended to do it during pregnancy and lactation, with blood diseases, a tendency to scarring, with uncompensated diabetes mellitus. With caution, permanent makeup is prescribed to clients who have a history of stroke or heart attack. For such patients, the permission of the attending physician is required.

  4. Another plus of the permanent makeup procedure is that it can always be removed, in some cases to “clear skin”. To remove permanent makeup, removers or a neodymium YAG laser are used. The latter option is a priority if you want to get rid of an unsuccessful tattoo forever, because it does not allow you to immediately, in several sessions, remove what you do not like or are tired of. It happens that a woman of 10 years old walks with arrows above her eyes, and then she realizes that such makeup is no longer very suitable for her, and one could try something new, more relevant, for example, eyelid tattoo with shading. To do this, of course, she first needs to carry out the removal procedure, and then make a new permanent makeup.

How to choose a master

Perhaps the main disadvantage of this procedure can be called the wrong choice of a specialist. Because this is what most often leads to the negative consequences of permanent makeup – uneven arrows, improperly shaped eyebrows, etc. Keep in mind the important fact that tattoo artists and permanent makeup specialists from specialized clinics work with different pigments. In the latter, they are softer, more natural, better amenable to removal in case of failure, but at the same time they periodically require correction. The choice is, of course, yours, but if we talk about removal, when red and green shades were present in the tattoo ink, it is very difficult to remove it.

Before you decide on permanent makeup, you need to carefully review the portfolio of masters, find out about the possibilities of the clinic or salon where you want to go, how much experience the master has. Today, many professionals have Instagram, where they post photos of their work. But it’s not just the photos that you need to pay attention to. Be sure to read the reviews and, if possible, talk with the clients of this master. In my opinion, it is best to look for a master in the old fashioned way, using the recommendations of friends who were at his reception – so you can see the result of the work with your own eyes, listen to first-hand feedback. If you liked the portfolio, you did not see any negative comments, go for a consultation. A good specialist will not talk about how good he is, but will show certificates that he can provide this service and talk to you about you. The master himself must offer you a make-up option, draw you a sketch and approve it with you. At each stage of work, he must demonstrate “intermediate results” so that you can see what is happening to you and be able to say in time what you like or dislike. It is very important to be in constant contact with a specialist during the procedure, and after it, strictly follow all his recommendations.

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