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Pharyngitis is a disease in which an inflammatory process develops in the mucous membrane of the pharynx and lymph nodes. The immediate cause of pharyngitis is an infection: more often viral, bacterial (usually streptococcal) or fungal (usually candida).

Pharyngitis is acute and chronic. Acute pharyngitis usually accompanies other colds: tonsillitis, rhinitis, laryngitis, bronchitis, etc. With timely correct treatment, it disappears without a trace within a few days.

Chronic pharyngitis develops against the background of reduced immunity, insufficient or incorrect treatment of acute pharyngitis, with prolonged exposure to adverse factors.

Risk factors:

  • general hypothermia of the body, inhalation of cold air, drinks with ice;

  • colds, decreased immunity;

  • exacerbation of a severe chronic disease, endocrine disorders (menopause, decreased thyroid function, etc.);

  • active and passive smoking (inhalation of tobacco smoke);

  • eating peppery, spicy, sour foods, alcohol;

  • prolonged inhalation of dusty, polluted air;

  • chronic diseases of the stomach and esophagus (with heartburn and belching);

  • chronic runny nose, sinusitis, abuse of vasoconstrictor drops;

  • tonsillectomy.

Symptoms of pharyngitis:

  1. dryness, burning, perspiration, sore throat, unlike tonsillitis, the pain is stronger with a “dry” throat;
  2. dry persistent cough;
  3. violation of general well-being: weakness, poor sleep and appetite, headaches, there may be fever, sweating.

Treatment of pharyngitis:

The diet should be sparing: liquid warm broths, sparse cereals. During the acute period of the disease, it is necessary to exclude hot, cold, sour, spicy, spice-rich foods. Try to drink more.

As prescribed by the doctor, antibiotics are used for pharyngitis.

Recovery will be accelerated by gargling with warm solutions of furacillin, a slightly pink solution of potassium permanganate, and a solution of soda. Gargle should be every 2-3 hours. Inhalation with alkaline solutions can have a good effect.

You can gargle with herbs. So, rinsing with decoctions and infusions of calendula, chamomile, thyme and wild rosemary will help get rid of the infection on the pharyngeal mucosa, since these herbs have antiseptic properties.

To soften the cough and reduce irritation of the throat, licorice root, marshmallow is used.

On the recommendation of a doctor, drugs that stimulate the immune system can be prescribed. It is very important to stop the impact of the factors that caused the disease, so it is necessary to treat the gastrointestinal tract, carious teeth, chronic rhinitis, quit smoking, and follow a sparing diet.

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