Pheniran: breaks stereotypes in the treatment of wounds!

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Summer is the season of outdoor games, outdoor fitness, fun picnics and swimming … At this time, most of us try to be in nature as often as possible, and abrasions, scratches, small cuts are inevitable, especially in children. Each of us has iodine, a bandage, hydrogen peroxide in our first-aid kit… Do you know that a new drug has appeared that can replace all these drugs, and even make the treatment of wounds painless?

Since childhood, we remember that every wound needs:

rinse, treat with a disinfectant,

wait until it dries, and in no case touch the crust that forms on the surface.

In the childhood memories of every normal person, there are a couple of episodes about how your mother ran after you with a bubble of “green” in her hands and even promised to “blow”, but you didn’t want to give her your broken knee for treatment. Burning, new pain of the affected skin area – no, not that!

And the dried crust? Hands, as if bewitched, are reaching out to rip it off …

Fortunately, the time has come when you can forget about brilliant green, iodine and unaesthetic crusts. Now there is no need to endure a burning sensation, and then wait a long time for the wound to heal. Gel “Feniran” is a unique novelty, thanks to which the whole algorithm for caring for small wounds and burns changes.

Suffice it to say that the gel:

does not burn, because it does not contain alcohol,

soothes pain and disinfects,

accelerates the healing process by 40%,

has a cooling effect

eliminates the dry crust that usually forms on wounds.

But why and how does this happen?

Due to its composition, Feniran differs markedly from the disinfectants and healing agents we are used to. It contains such a unique substance as

hydrocolloid gel, 95% water.

Thanks to the combination of substances in the product that remove excess fluid from the wound, and substances that moisturize the wound, if it is dry, it maintains an optimal level of moisture. Thus, optimal hydration of the wound accelerates the healing process and prevents the occurrence of a dry crust.

What can limit the use of Feniran?

one. If the area of ​​the wound or burn is extensive – in this case, immediately consult a doctor.

2. If you have ever had an allergic reaction to the components of the gel.

3. If the affected areas of the skin are located near the eyes.

When going on vacation or cycling, do not forget to take Feniran with you, especially if you have children with you.

If you or your loved ones “earned” an abrasion or a small cut on vacation, do not be upset over trifles and take into account the following fact: American scientists from Ohio State University conducted an interesting experiment, during which it turned out that in irritable people, wounds heal 4 times slower than in those with a calm character!

Take care of yourself, and let nothing overshadow your outdoor activities!

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