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Pregnancy suits her?

Recent paparazzi photos have made Jovovich fans around the world worried. In a plump actress, one can hardly recognize a slender model. Milla is not inclined to be overweight – in life she could always boast of a flat stomach, a relief body. But everything changes when it comes to pregnancy. The last two times (Milla and her husband have two daughters), Jovovich also gained more than 20 kilograms and was very swollen. Does the actress eat everything, ignoring the recommendations of doctors?

44-year-old Jovovich tries to be frank with followers. The actress admitted that she experienced an emergency abortion two years ago – the fetus froze at the fourth month. “I had to go through an artificial birth, but the main thing is that I was conscious all this time. It was the most painful and terrible experience in my life, I still have nightmares, ”Milla wrote on social networks.

The star of “The Fifth Element” was painfully worried about the loss of a child, plunging into depression. Then she decided to take care of her health: she completely changed her diet and worked out with a trainer almost every day – their classes could be seen on the actress’s Instagram. Let’s face it, only hardy, physically fit people can do it. That is, Jovovich was in great shape until the long-awaited third pregnancy.

What weight gain during pregnancy is considered acceptable?

Permissible weight gain for each pregnant woman is calculated individually and depends on the body mass index. Doctors put pregnant patients on the scales every three weeks. As a rule, we are talking about an increase of 10-14 kilograms in nine months, if we talk about the norm. But why is a significant part of women, embarrassed, then says that they have gained 20 kilograms or more? Including slender girls who had not been overweight before.

“You need to understand that during pregnancy there are natural, physiological bouts of insulin resistance. There are many reasons for this. In particular, hormonal changes occur during pregnancy. That is, the rapid weight gain in pregnant women is caused precisely by insulin resistance (decrease in sensitivity). There is a marked increase in the level of glucose, which cannot enter the cells.

An important point: after childbirth, a woman must return to her usual, normal weight. Otherwise, this state of insulin resistance will become fixed and threatens to acquire diabetes mellitus of the second degree. To prevent this from happening, the gynecologist, to whom the pregnant woman is assigned, monitors her weight gain. There are special tests to track remote diabetes mellitus. The latter is fraught with the fact that the child may be born with diabetic fetopathy. The main symptom is overweight of the newborn. Thus, the nutrition of a pregnant woman is very important – it is advisable for the expectant mother to exclude foods with a high glycemic index.

Should I be afraid of a lot of weight?

According to the gynecologist, Milla Jovovich has insulin resistance. After all, after giving birth, she quickly returns to her usual weight (this has happened twice already), and no one has ever heard that the actress has diabetes. But the diet, of course, must be followed, and after childbirth, you should definitely undergo an examination by an endocrinologist.

However, we have no doubt that the Hollywood actress has the best doctors who monitor her pregnancy. We wish you an easy birth!

Photo: vostock-photo, Instagram

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