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For a long time it was believed that the potato product is unhealthy: it has a lot of starch and calories, and they get fat from it. How far from the truth is this! These accusations are absolutely unfounded, and because of them, many useful properties of the vegetable were not noticed.

One baked potato has 145 calories. There are 114 calories in one cup of boiled, sliced ​​potatoes.

By including potatoes in our daily menu, we provide the body with the most essential essential amino acids, especially lysine, carbohydrates, minerals, and vitamins. 1 kg of boiled peeled potatoes supplies the body with 20% proteins, 40% carbohydrates, 60% vitamins B1 (thiamine) and PP (nicotinic acid), 30% vitamin B2 (riboflavin), 200% vitamin C!, and also potassium (200%), magnesium and phosphorus (50%), iron (60%) and calcium (20%).For good nutrition, it is enough to eat 100 g of potatoes every day.

When potatoes are boiled, 10 to 50 percent of potassium can be lost, and when steamed or baked, only 3 to 6 percent is wasted.

The following tricks will help to preserve all the listed vitamins and trace elements as much as possible when cooking potatoes:

Cut the peel from potatoes as thin as possible, and even better – bake it or boil it in their uniforms.

Steam potatoes or boil them in a minimum amount of water.

It is more useful to put potatoes in already boiled and salted water.

So that peeled potatoes do not darken, many store them in water. But this can be done only for a short time, since valuable nitrogenous substances pass from the outer layers into the water and vitamin C is destroyed.

How to choose potatoes

The potato should be tight, keep its shape and color. Do not take vegetables that have green spots or shoots. It is better to buy a little, not a bag. Then you will have the opportunity to inspect each potato.

The greens you sometimes see on vegetables should be suspicious. This is a signal that salanin has appeared in them, a substance that in large quantities can cause drowsiness, diarrhea and vomiting.

The use of potatoes for medicinal purposes

With swelling of the hands or feetyou should peel the potatoes, grate it, apply the resulting potato gruel to the edematous places and keep it for 15-20 minutes, wrapping the “compress” tightly with a cotton or terry towel.

analgesic effecthas a compress of grated raw potatoes with honey for osteochondrosis. This compress is kept on the sore spot for at least an hour.

If you are torturedheartburn, nausea and chronic headachesthen take fresh potato juice. It is drunk half a glass 2-3 times a day: the first dose – on an empty stomach, the second – half an hour before dinner, the third – an hour before bedtime. After a two-week treatment, they take a break for 6 days and repeat the course of treatment, using already half the dose of juice.

In Ukraine, potato leaves and roots are used in the treatment of erysipelas of the skin. In Belarus, an infusion of equal parts of linden flowers and potatoes with honey is used to treat coughs. Czech scientists obtained the drug inhibin from potatoes, which is recommended for burns, stomach ulcers and poisoning. Jacket potatoes boiled in plenty of water are a well-known folk remedy used in the treatment of polyarthritis.

Since potato tubers contain many vitamins, minerals and salts,they can also be used in cosmetology.

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