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The rhythm of life of a modern person is very dynamic, you barely have time to do everything that is planned. And if you are not only a business woman, but also a wife, a mother, then you have to go to bed very late and get up very early, because life also takes time. How to do everything, how not to fall out of the schedule and not to lose the rhythm?

But not only that, you need to do everything! At the same time, you should always stay in shape – be fit, healthy, look good. After all, an emaciated woman with an unhealthy skin color and a bad figure is unlikely to give the impression of being successful.

Charging or running in the morning, a gym and a swimming pool, beauty salons – all this, of course, is necessary and important. But is it possible to get rid of any problem without eliminating its root cause? Dealing with the consequences is a thankless job, because everything will invariably return to normal.

And malnutrition is often to blame for health and beauty problems. “We are what we eat” – this expression will never lose its relevance.

However, this does not mean at all that you need to deny yourself your favorite goodies – it is only required, if possible, to remove harmful foods from your diet and daily delight your body with the amount of vitamins, microelements and other substances it needs.

But what if you already have digestive problems? Just normalizing the diet will not help here, because you need to restore its proper functioning as soon as possible. And this will help you … no, not drugs, but prebiotics.

What are prebiotics? These are plant substances that are a source of nutrition for the “good” (non-pathogenic) intestinal microflora. They contribute to its growth, improve digestion and, unlike probiotics, are not “strangers” for the organism.

The power of prebiotics cannot be underestimated. They strengthen the immune system, help with dysbacteriosis (and other problems of the gastrointestinal tract), diabetes, cystitis, osteoporosis, hypothyroidism and other conditions and diseases. In addition, with the help of prebiotics, you can significantly speed up the process of losing weight!

If we talk about the skin, then various rashes, acne, allergic reactions are usually largely the result of the notorious problems with the gastrointestinal tract. Therefore, prebiotics will also help restore the beauty and health of your skin!

Where to find them? Natural vegetable prebiotics are found in cabbage, various fruits, garlic and onions, peas, etc., and, importantly, they are not destroyed during heat treatment.

However, the modern fast pace of life often does not leave us time for culinary exploits, so we limit ourselves to a menu that is far from useful: “pasta + cutlet or sausage”, “soup in a hurry”, “fried potatoes”, semi-finished products and so on.

In summer, our body is literally saved by salads from fresh vegetables and fruits, and in winter it is just right for it to give SOS signals, which it does with the help of various diseases.

What to do? After all, you want to eat right, but you probably won’t be able to carve out time for many hours of going to grocery stores and standing at the stove …

Instant oatmeal “Bystrov”® comes to our aid, which satisfies all the needs of our body. Due to the fact that this porridge – in the same amount as regular – contains natural vitamins B and E (often called the “beauty vitamin”), as well as minerals, fiber, etc., the body gets everything it needs .

The uniqueness of Bystrov® Prebio1 oatmeal is that it is enriched with natural prebiotics, which are so important for our body, promote the growth of beneficial microflora and improve digestion.

It is thanks to them that you will feel lightness and comfort all day long, and heaviness in the stomach, bloating and other unpleasant consequences of malnutrition will stop bothering you.

As we know, cereals are one of the best breakfast foods – the most important meal for the human body. However, you can eat Bystrov® porridge not only for breakfast, but also for lunch or even dinner.

Tired, you say? This won’t happen because the assortment of cereals pleasantly surprises: there are cereals with fruits, berries, nuts, each is satisfying and healthy, and at the same time each has its own, special taste.

And this porridge is prepared very quickly, so that the body eats properly, you no longer have to spend a lot of time and effort.

“Bystrov. So simple! So useful!”

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