Pretend, Sobchak and other stars solving health problems with an osteopath

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Irena Ponaroshku

The TV presenter, who calls herself the “Green Goddess” on the social network, has her own osteopathic doctor. Actually, there is nothing surprising in this. Irena is an adherent of a healthy lifestyle, a vegetarian. She will not buy a jar of cream until she is convinced of the naturalness of its composition. The mother of two sons gave birth to them at home, as the mere sight of a hospital ward causes negative emotions in her. Before the first birth, the TV presenter visited the capital’s maternity hospitals, but not one inspired her confidence.

Make-believe carefully monitors health: once every six months, a check-up takes place, finding out whether everything is in order in the work of the body. The “Green Goddess” has been successfully practicing yoga for a long time, but this does not save her from periodic clamps and pains in the body. And then Irena hurries to her osteopath. And her sons went through the first examination of this specialist in infancy. Any osteopath will tell you that almost all babies have birth injuries that only become apparent after a while.

Evelina Bledans

The actress and mother of a son with Down syndrome regularly visits an osteopathic doctor. Like most parents of special children, she tries to help the child with the help of a variety of specialists. “Myself and Semochka regularly go to see an osteopath, he helps us restore our health systematically. I myself cannot correctly describe what happens to me during his sessions, sometimes it is like a miracle, but there is scientific confirmation of everything. I introduced Semochka to osteopathy at the age of six months – our neurologist advised, and she took the course for the first time, ”Bledans wrote on her Instagram.

Svetlana Ivanova

The star of the film “August 8th” and the mother of two daughters has also been visiting an osteopath with her children for several years. The actress claims that her doctor’s technique is a great addition to her favorite yoga, helping the body become more resilient. “This is not a massage, but a complex effect on the entire body. I myself go, and I drive my daughter, and I have advised this doctor to many of my friends. She accepts in St. Petersburg, but I’m ready to go anywhere to a good specialist, ”the artist shared.

Ksenia Sobchak

The journalist found an osteopath in the capital on the recommendation of friends. Author of the YouTube channel “Caution, Sobchak!” entrusted the body to the overseas specialist Thomas. According to Xenia, he saved her from back pain, which began to torment her after the birth of her son Plato.

Not the first year the actress and mother of five children Maria Poroshina turns to the osteopath. The artist believes that sessions with this doctor help her improve blood flow in the body and work as an additional tool in maintaining harmony. And having given birth to five children and being prone to fullness, this is oh, how important.

_Photo: Globallookpress, Instagram

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