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Scientists believe that 80% of the information we have about the world around us comes from vision. Losing the ability to see or losing visual acuity, people face significant changes in their own lives. Prevention of eye diseases helps to avoid such unpleasant changes.

1. Light up your workspace

First of all, create suitable working conditions for the eyes. One of them is lighting. The light from the lamp must be sufficiently bright, but not sharp, so ophthalmologists recommend the use of table lamps with a ceiling. Illuminate the surrounding space so that the eyes do not receive unnecessary strain when moving from twilight to bright light.

With good vision, light from a 60-watt table lamp is enough. Place it on the left, 50 centimeters from working documents.

Working conditions at the computer and reading are very important. The optimal distance between the eyes and the pages of the book is about 30 cm, and to the monitor this distance is equal to the length of the outstretched arm.

Take care of the presence of fill (additional) lighting when working with a computer or for watching TV at night, but the light should not form glare on a computer monitor or TV screen. Watch TV programs from a distance of at least 2 meters.

When reading in the supine position, place your head comfortably and freely on the pillow, place the light source behind your head – illuminate only the book (newspaper, magazine). On the text read lying down, the gaze should “fall” perpendicularly.

2. Let your eyes rest

In the process of working at the computer monitor, let’s rest our eyes for at least five minutes every hour.

The simplest exercises for the eyes will take you a little time, but they will benefit your eyesight no less than a vacation in an expensive sanatorium. In between work, do not forget to do them: blink often, close your eyes and try to relax them for a few seconds, look out the window, look several times from a nearby object to a distant one, make rotational movements with your eyeballs, etc.

3. Don’t read on public transport

When moving, the vibration causes the eyes to be in constant tension, which later on will necessarily affect health in a very unpleasant way.

4. Eat a balanced and healthy diet

The menu for the eyes should contain vitamins D and A, their lack in the body leads to visual impairment.

Vitamin A can be obtained from eggs, cream and cod liver, and vitamin D is saturated in egg yolk, beef liver and sea herring. Since the synthesis of this vitamin occurs in the human body under the influence of ultraviolet radiation, one should not neglect outdoor walks on a sunny day.

4. Do not forget about personal eye hygiene

Few of us can boast that we live in an ecologically clean city. Therefore, make it a rule, returning each time from the street, to wash your eyes with warm boiled water: they suffer from dirt, exhaust gases and dust no less than the skin of the face.

But an infection that accidentally gets on the mucous membrane can turn into conjunctivitis, getting rid of which will require a lot of money and time.

5. Do eye baths

Once every two weeks for the eyes do baths from freshly brewed tea – an excellent anti-inflammatory agent: pour weakly brewed warm tea into a suitable bowl, touch the surface of the liquid with an open eye so that the eyeball “swims” in it, blink several times. Repeat the procedure for the second eye. By the way, it is useful to do this procedure after each dusty work, for example, general cleaning or repair.

An aqueous infusion of chamomile or linden flowers is no less effective (you can buy them at any pharmacy). Take 1 teaspoon of chamomile or linden flowers to prepare the infusion, pour them with a glass of boiling water, strain after 15 minutes. Infusion at room temperature, use to wash the eyes. Among other things, it gives shine to the eyes.

Make your eyes bathe in cool water: having lowered your face into the water, close and open your eyes several times, rotate them. Such bathing will energize the eyes, heal their mucous membranes and strengthen the eyelids.

6. Don’t wear tight, constricting clothing

It disrupts blood circulation and contributes to a rush of blood to the head, and consequently, an increase in eye pressure.

7. Don’t eat before bed

Then you will keep the youth and beauty of the eyes – without bags and extra wrinkles.

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