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Proper nutrition plays a huge role in maintaining the health of our body, and even leads to longevity. Undoubtedly, quality nutrition is not the only condition for excellent health, but it should not be neglected.

Healthy eating rules

one. The main rule is to always eat regularly, always at the same time, do not snack during breaks, avoid sweets and cakes.

2.The next principle is peace.Good mood and calmness should reign at the table.During meals, try not to be distracted by extraneous activities, such as watching TV, reading a newspaper, arguing at the table.

3. Food should be tasty and varied. A healthy person does not need to exclude anything from his menu, preferably four meals a day.

4.Vitamins must be included in the diet, and it is better not in tablets, but in vegetables and fruits.

five. Chew food thoroughly.The better the food is chewed, the better it is digested.

6. Eat in moderation. Don’t overeat.

7. Try not to overcook. Freshly prepared food will bring you much more energy and benefit.

8.Vegetables and fruits should take up at least half of the diet.Make seasonal salads and freshly squeezed juices and consume them regularly. Vegetables and fruits can be harmful only under one condition: if chemical fertilizers were used in their cultivation. But this does not apply to juices, since these substances remain in the fiber on the walls of the juicer.

nine.Drink more fluids.It is better to start the morning with a glass of warm water. You can add some honey and lemon juice to it. This drink will “wake up” your intestines and wash away the mucus that has accumulated in the stomach. After 20 – 30 minutes you can have breakfast. During the day, it is better to drink half an hour before meals or two hours after meals.

10.Doctors have established the daily need for salt: up to one to two grams. We use it disproportionately more. In addition, do not forget that salt is present in almost all ready-made products sold in the store: bread, cheese, canned food, sausages, etc.

eleven.To improve well-being and good digestion, you need to limit or even completely abandon white refined sugar and products from it: jam, marmalade, preserves, sweets, etc. Sugar can be replaced with honey, “yellow” sugar, molasses.

12. Bread can be dried – so it becomes healthier. An alternative to bread without yeast is pita bread, or bread made from hop sourdough.

The foods listed below will not contribute to your health:alcohol, coffee, chips, soft drinks, ketchup, mayonnaise, chewing gum, smoked and fried foods.

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