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This beauty resembles the viceroy of the sun on Earth – the same cheerful, bright and round. Of course it’s a pumpkin. Which, by the way, like watermelon, is not a vegetable at all, but a berry.

The chemical composition of an ordinary pumpkin is so diverse that this culture can be safely called the “Mendeleev’s table”. After all, first of all, pumpkin is rich in minerals: potassium, calcium, magnesium, copper, iron, phosphorus. Pumpkin is especially useful in late autumn and winter, when the range of fresh vegetables is limited. For medicinal purposes, both the pulp of this marvelous culture and the seeds are used.

It contains a fairly high content of ascorbic acid. Pumpkin fruits are rich in carotene (it contains from 3 to 9 mg, in some varieties the carotene content can reach 38 mg). Pumpkin is the champion among vegetables in terms of iron content. It contains vitamins of groups B, C, E, D, PP, as well as such a rare vitamin as vitamin T, which helps to speed up metabolic processes in the body.

Pumpkin fiber is not fibrous, it is well boiled soft and easily absorbed by the body. Due to this, dishes from it are recommended for therapeutic and preventive nutrition.

About the benefits of pumpkin

For the digestive tract: an indispensable productuseful for problems with the liver, gallbladder, gastritis, colitis. Pumpkin pulp with an almost neutral environment promotes the healing of stomach and duodenal ulcers.

Pumpkin diet gives a good effect on obesity, metabolic disorders. Pectins ensure the excretion of toxic metabolic products and excess cholesterol from the body.

For pregnant women: used for toxicosis.

Pumpkin juice is very useful.It is used for metabolic disorders, obesity, diabetes, kidney and bladder stones.

For the nervous and cardiovascular system:pumpkin juice calms the nervous system. The juice is also used as a diuretic for cardiac edema and kidney disease. With insomnia at night, you can take 1/3 cup of pumpkin broth with honey.

“Milk” from pumpkin seeds also helps, which is prepared as follows: dried pumpkin seeds are ground in an earthenware vessel, gradually adding one and a half glasses of boiling water (or milk), and then filtered, squeezing out the remainder. The milk obtained in this way is drunk during the day. It must be used if there is blood in the urine or urine is retained. To sweeten this peculiar drink, you can add a little honey. And some lovers use it with buckwheat porridge.

For men:zinc contained in the seeds is an excellent means of preventing prostatitis: it is enough to eat 50-60 grains a day. And the biologically active substances contained in pumpkin seed oil increase potency, activate the immune system of the body and slow down the process of increasing the number of prostate tissue cells, help eliminate urination disorders and pain in prostate adenoma and prostatitis.

For children: seeds have long been considered a good antihelminthic. At the same time, they do not have a toxic effect on the body, therefore, if necessary, this remedy is offered to children and pregnant women. But in the use of grains, it is necessary to comply with the norm – up to 3 glasses a day, only then they will benefit. Only after eating grains should you take a laxative.

For burns and skin diseases (eczema, inflammation): use fresh pumpkin gruel topically.

The gruel from grated pumpkin and the juice squeezed out of it are used asfacial skin tonicany type. A gruel or juice on a thin layer of cotton wool is applied to the face for 15-20 minutes, then washed off with warm water. The course is 15-20 masks 2-3 times a week.

pumpkin storage

At home, pumpkin is well preserved at a temperature of 5 to 15 ° C. But it is better to keep it in the “far corner”, where it is cool. Under such conditions, the pumpkin retains its qualities for a very long time, until spring. Fruits containing a lot of starch are suitable for long-term storage. Mandatory conditions for long-term storage of pumpkins are good ventilation and protection from sunlight. The fruits are placed on racks in one row with the stalk up so that they do not touch each other.

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