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A recent interview with Yury Dud with blogger Anton Lapenko was remembered by many. Including when the hero of the issue mentioned that he had 11 siblings and 4 sisters. That is, his mother gave birth to sixteen children. Lapenko stressed that the family is not religious, simply that parents have always wanted many children – brothers and sisters help each other.

Who and how much to give birth is a personal matter for every woman, family. The main thing is that health and financial situation allow. But the question involuntarily arises of how each subsequent pregnancy affects the condition of the woman. On the one hand, each subsequent birth is faster than the previous one (Kate Middleton appeared in front of the subjects after the third birth after only six hours), on the other hand, even the eternally slim and energetic Natalia Vodianova once mentioned in an interview that the fifth pregnancy was a test for her.

“The pregnancy was quite difficult, for a month and a half I had to lie almost without getting up. The doctors were afraid that for certain medical reasons I might not deliver the baby. Roman was born three weeks earlier … And you know, although he is still quite small, he is very wise. As if the sad experience that he already has brought him up, ”said the supermodel later.

At the same time, everyone has heard the expression “pregnancy rejuvenates a woman.” That’s just the doctors are willing to argue with this.

Proper preparation

“There is a myth that pregnancy tends to rejuvenate the body. Unfortunately, it is not. However, if a woman is in good health, there are no serious diseases of the internal organs, then pregnancy and childbirth do not have negative consequences. The question arises: how do some mothers with many children look great after several births, while others can hardly endure even one pregnancy? There are several important conditions and nuances here.

First, proper preparation for pregnancy is necessary. Pregravid preparation is: examination, passing the necessary tests (general blood test, urine, biochemistry, coagulogram, blood for sex hormones and others) and, if any diseases are detected, go through narrow specialists.

With regard to obstetric and gynecological pathology, it is necessary to do an ultrasound of the pelvic organs, undergo examinations for latent sexual infections, pass smears on the flora, oncocytology. If any diseases are detected, it is necessary to cure them before conception. During pregnancy, immunity is reduced and we do not treat some diseases during the period of bearing a child due to the risks of developing pathologies in the development of the fetus.

If the examination did not reveal problem areas, then a few months before pregnancy planning, it is necessary to lead a healthy lifestyle, exclude the intake of strong alcoholic beverages, and start taking vitamins.

Genetics matter

The second point is the correct management of pregnancy. It is necessary to constantly monitor the attending physician and timely prevention of diseases. It is also important to monitor your health, treat it carefully:

  • dress according to the season;

  • wear compression underwear;

  • monitor weight gain during pregnancy, normally up to 10 kg;

  • Enough rest and do not stop physical activity (without overload).

Of course, genetics also play an important role. If we are talking about having many children, then it is necessary to take into account how the previous births went.

The optimal interval between births is from 2 to 5 years, this period is necessary for the body to recover.

After all, during pregnancy and feeding, hormonal changes in the female body occur, but if a woman is healthy and there are no serious diseases, then pregnancy and childbirth are physiological. It is important to understand that if there are any pathologies, then pregnancy will only exacerbate them, the woman risks this. But how many children to have – each family decides individually.


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