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Mimic wrinkles on the forehead. Crow’s feet at the eyes. Imperceptibly weakening skin tone. Finally, the notorious cellulite. It’s not old age yet. Thank God, old age is far away. But now is the time to take action.

First you need to look the enemy in the face. Fortunately, it is well known: these are free radicals discovered by scientists in the middle of the last century.

They are just as dangerous for our beauty and health as some political radicals are for the state system.

Microbiology in general is remarkably similar to human relationships. In the past, free radicals were ordinary “good” molecules, particles of our body.

But under the influence of the environment, they lost an electron from their set and became inferior.

The unpaired electron, left alone, persistently seeks company, and the radicals behave like robbers from the high road: they attack healthy molecules in order to “rob the loot”, in turn, taking electrons from them.

The “robbed” molecules, which have so far maintained neutrality, themselves enter into chemical reactions – and are stitched together into sedentary ligaments. So the ranks of free radicals multiply.

And as a result, iron rusts; fabrics wear out; The collagen in our skin loses its elasticity and wrinkles appear on the face.

There are many reasons why molecules “break the chain”: radiation; harsh chemicals in medicines, in food, in the air we breathe; ultraviolet in sunlight; in the end, just stress, weakening the immune system.

However, scientists considered that If a person during his life retained the same resistance of the body as he had at the age of 11, then even with the current urban ecology, half of the world’s population would calmly live up to its eight hundredth anniversary.

These are not fairy tales, as it is written in medical textbooks. We, for the most part, already by the age of 70 are a picture of final old age.

There is only one conclusion: you need to take up defense from the inside. And nature has created to help us antioxidants. These substances show a rare example of generosity, resilience and altruism.

Their molecules simply donate one of their electrons to free radicals, but at the same time they do not lose their independence and continue to exist autonomously.

The chain of destruction is interrupted, stability is restored in the body.

Antioxidants are found in many vegetables and fruits, in medicinal plants, in green tea, olive oil and fish oil, but the most effective are in grape seeds.

Scientists call them proanthocyanidins, but beauties do not even have to pronounce this word.

It is enough to remember what the ancients knew: the vine is a symbol of eternal youth and vitality.

In recent years, university laboratories around the world have rushed to investigate the properties of the wine berry – and found a lot of interesting things.

It turns out that the substances contained in grapes (especially in its seeds, twigs and skins)strengthen blood vessels and capillaries, normalize blood pressure, prevent heart disease, improve eyesight, help with varicose veins, fight cancer and even prevent Alzheimer’s disease.

Well, for those who still seem infinitely far away from senile ailments, it will be more interesting for the ability of the vine to increase tissue elasticity, maintain collagen structure, remove toxins from the skin and normalize the water-salt balance.

In practice, this means elastic skin, a healthy complexion and no cellulite.

No wonder that in modern SPA even a new direction has appeared – ampelotherapy, treatment with grapes.

Fortunately, it is not necessary to consume grapes in boxes – especially since they get better from it.

Yes, wine should not be abused. After all, chemists have learned to extract grape seed extract: swallowed one capsule – and the daily norm of rejuvenating proanthocyanidins entered the body.

However, grapes are grapes, and no one has canceled a healthy lifestyle either. If you don’t want to age prematurely, first quit smoking and stop being nervous about trifles. It may not be easy, but the result will be obvious – in every sense.

In preparing the article, materials provided by the company were used Gamma Naturalis.

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