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The main sign of modernity is speed. The speed of information exchange, movement, decision-making. The consequences of this are stress, daily and imperceptibly undermining our strength.

The initial, simplest relaxation skills are absolutely necessary for every modern person.Physical relaxation directly entails mental relaxation as well.

Relaxation Techniques

one.Close the door of your room for 20 minutes, open the window. Now calmly stretch out on the bed, placing a flat pillow under your head, and a folded blanket under your knees. Place your hands along the body. Try to breathe deeply, rhythmically and slowly. Mentally distract yourself from all household chores.Do not spare these few minutes for rest: your eyes will sparkle and your mood will become good.

After that, calmly return to your duties. Many women underestimate the importance of such a 30-minute rest after work.

2.Sit down and do some breathing exercises. Focus on your breathing, take a few full breaths with your belly, not your chest, as women usually breathe (follow the example of men). Exhale, imagining that you are exhaling tension. Then, ideally, getting up from a chair, depict a steam locomotive: breathe vigorously, exhaling through your nose. Then alternately tighten, then relax all the muscle groups of your body, from the forehead to the feet, as if a wave of tension-relaxation is rolling through the entire body.

You are doing everything right if you feel that warmth is spreading throughout your body (by the way,this exercise can be done slowly and “on the carpet” with the authorities – it helps to relax a lot, and you can strain not the whole body, but separate parts).

More relaxation techniques

3. Sitting quietly in your chair, imagine that there is a small particle in the very center of your being that is very, very calm and happy. Untouched by any fears and worries about the future, she is in complete peace, strong and happy. You can’t reach it, you can’t touch it. If you wish, it can be represented in the form of a certain image: a tongue of flame, a precious stone or a hidden lake – calm, with a smooth, without the slightest ripple, surface.

It’s there – deep in you – part and parcel of you. This secret center always remains calm and quiet, no matter what difficulties, problems and anxieties you have to go through. If you wish, you can feel this particle within yourself at any time. And many times a day you can remember this little nucleus of inner peace, mentally join it. Knowing that it is here, very close, you will feel more calm and relaxed, and at the same time – more confidence and strength.

Scientists have found another effective way to relax. Psychologists from Britain said that reading books can help you relax and calm down much faster than other simple and affordable means.

Just 6 minutes of reading reduces stress levels by two-thirds. Reading allows you to concentrate, immerse yourself in the world of literature and divert attention from your own problems. This relieves tension in the muscles and normalizes the heartbeat.

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