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Bish’s lumps are separate fatty structures located between the buccal muscle and the superficial muscles of the face. Their main function is manifested in infancy: they facilitate the process of sucking breast milk. With age, this need disappears, and they serve a person only in terms of aesthetics – they give shape and additional volume to the cheeks. It is difficult to say what happens to Bish’s lumps with age, for many they partially atrophy, but this is all very individual.

Bish’s lumps practically do not react in any way to healthy weight loss or diets. These fatty formations disappear last, when there is no fat left in the body at all. Only a serious illness followed by extreme weight loss can cause Bish’s lumps to disappear.

Where did fashion come from

With the advent of the operation to remove Bish’s lumps, the medical community was divided into several camps. Some say that with age, the face will still lose volume, and without Bish’s lumps it will look inharmonious or even sag. Others believe that this operation does not affect the soft tissues of the face in any way and can be done without fear that the tissues will sag.

Facial muscles and ligaments are responsible for facial tone, and fatty formations do not participate in this process in any way. The main question that patients ask is how their face will look 30 years after the operation. Unfortunately, this question cannot be answered regardless of whether you have removed the lumps or not.

Removing Bish’s lumps is an operation that needs to be taken seriously

Despite the fact that this operation is classified as beautifying, it also has contraindications. When examining a patient, a specialist must be as careful as possible. It is unlikely that this procedure will decorate people, for example, with a thin physique. There is a chance that after such an operation, patients will look painful. The result of this surgical intervention should be a light, graceful facial contour, and not sunken cheeks.

Bish’s lump has three branches, mainly the buccal process is removed. Some surgeons try to remove the lump completely, which is impractical, as it is better to remove only a part and get a more natural face shape than two deep pits in the face.

For some reason, many patients believe that this is a fairly easy operation, although in fact it has its own pitfalls. In the body of the cheek lies a branch of the facial nerve. If it is wrong to remove Bish’s lump by hitting it, then you can cause irreparable harm to health. At a minimum, the face will become asymmetrical, the cheek may simply sag. That is why it is very important to choose the right doctor: a plastic surgeon who knows the anatomy of this area should perform the operation. Now you can often meet dentists who practice this type of activity. This is simply unacceptable. If the clinic does not offer you to take the whole range of tests or assures you that this is an easy cosmetic procedure, then you have clearly come to the wrong place.

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