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Be careful with pyrotechnics

The most common “New Year’s” injuries are bruises, dislocations and fractures resulting from falls. There is an explanation for this. During the holidays, most of us dramatically change the daily routine. Many festive events contribute to a more active movement. As a rule, in crowded places the risk of injury is much higher. In addition, in winter the situation is complicated by characteristic seasonal factors: ice, snowdrifts, deterioration of visibility during heavy snowfall.

On holidays, especially on New Year’s Eve, injuries often occur due to careless handling of pyrotechnics. The most common injuries are burns to the hands and face. These are very dangerous injuries that can lead to loss of vision and amputation of limbs. To avoid such incidents, it is necessary to carefully read the instructions for pyrotechnics and take into account that the radius of the danger zone can be from 5 to 20 meters or more, depending on the class of products.

Of course, everyone wants the New Year holidays to be filled with interesting events and vivid impressions. But against the backdrop of general holiday euphoria, people often lose their vigilance and misjudge possible risks. The most unusual injury I’ve had to deal with is corneal damage as a result of a patient opening a bottle… with his eye. Don’t do it!

Exercise with care

Another serious factor that increases the risk of New Year’s accidents is the use of alcoholic beverages. According to statistics, injuries received while intoxicated occur 80% more often than when sober. Usually people get injured as a result of falls, as they have poor coordination. In addition, the state of intoxication can make it difficult to make a diagnosis. Alcohol often lubricates the clinical picture of a concussion, resulting in a diagnosis that can be made late, which complicates treatment.

Injuries during the holidays can happen not only at mass events or as a result of overdose with alcohol. Many people prefer winter sports during the holidays, so injuries often occur during outdoor activities such as skiing, skating, or tubing (inflatable “tires” for skiing). Two out of three of my patients with an anterior cruciate ligament tear were injured because the ski did not release when it hit an obstacle. Therefore, before starting classes, do not forget to carefully check the equipment, and also take a first aid kit with you – it’s better not to be useful, but it will be at hand at the right time.

First aid for injuries

After injury, you must immediately apply cold to the injury site and limit movement. Then go to the nearest emergency room, take an x-ray and get advice from an orthopedic traumatologist. It is very important to identify bone-traumatic injuries (dislocations, fractures) in time and prescribe adequate treatment.

Please note: Emergency Trauma Services are available 24 hours a day, including weekends and holidays. The rest of the medical facilities will start working no later than January 3. If you’ve been injured, don’t put off seeing your doctor until after the holidays. Timely medical assistance reduces the time of treatment and rehabilitation, helps to avoid complications and quickly restore working capacity.

Our expert advised to have a first aid kit with you if you are going to ski or snowboard. And TV doctor Elena Malysheva does not tire of reminding us about a home first-aid kit for the holidays, which will surely come in handy during the long January holidays. Recall that among the drugs should be paracetamol – a well-known antipyretic agent, which is allowed even for pregnant and lactating women. Plus, second-generation antihistamines are remedies for allergies that can occur to the smell of pine needles, citrus fruits, nuts, chocolate and a number of other products.

Make sure you have diarrhea remedies in your first-aid kit in case of food poisoning, as well as nitroglycerin (tablets are placed under the tongue).

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