Runny nose: treat or forget?

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Autumn is rich not only in harvest, but also in numerous troubles, including health problems. Lack of sun, reduced consumption of fruits, berries and other summer delicacies leads to beriberi and reduced immunity. And the constant rains and gray skies do not at all cheer up and do not contribute to cheerfulness. It becomes more and more difficult for the body to fight external influences and resist infections – here a constant companion of autumn appears – a cold.

During the autumn period, a lot of people manage to endure a cold, and almost everyone catches a runny nose at one time or another. This is a typical autumn trouble that causes a lot of trouble.

Indeed, whoever likes the constant feeling of nasal congestion – because of this, even sleep worsens, constant awakenings in order to blow your nose and breathe freely at least once interfere with normal rest and provide a state of “brokenness” in the morning.

In addition, a reddened nose and the skin around it, which cannot be masked by any foundation, do not add attractiveness to anyone. And handkerchiefs, which are running out at the speed of light, are just annoying. So what to do with a runny nose: treat or forget?

Is it possible to forget about the common cold?

Perhaps it is possible, but very problematic, because he constantly reminds of himself. But this is not the worst. If you forget about a runny nose and do not treat it, then it may not go away as if by magic in a few days, moreover, it can turn into a chronic runny nose, which will be much more difficult to get rid of.

But this is not the worst: if left untreated, the inflammatory process from the nasal cavity can spread to the paranasal sinuses, which will lead to the development of one of the most serious complications of the common cold – sinusitis.

It’s definitely impossible to forget about sinusitis so easily: constant headaches, fever, the inability to breathe normally, and as a result, the inability to live a full life at the usual pace.

So, instead of forgetting about the common cold, it is better, on the contrary, to remember it in time and start treatment. Undertreated diseases never bring anything good, and a runny nose is the same disease as others, and does not tolerate neglect.

Is it worth it to treat a runny nose?

Of course, it is worth it, and the sooner you start treatment, the better. It remains only to figure out how and how you can really cure a runny nose, and not just temporarily get rid of shortness of breath.

Here, the good old, time-tested folk remedies can come to our aid, which have been helping to fight this disease for more than a century.

Warming the sinuses with a bag of salt or a boiled egg, drinking plenty of water – tea with raspberries or milk with honey help not only get rid of the symptoms of a cold, but also lift your mood like a warm cozy blanket. But all this does not guarantee a quick recovery.

Let’s remember what else our grandmothers used to treat colds – of course, with all kinds of decoctions and tinctures from medicinal herbs!

Unfortunately, only grandmothers know the recipes for such decoctions. But, fortunately, modern medicine and pharmacology also do not stand still, and the healing forces of nature have begun to be used in medicines.

For the treatment of acute and chronic rhinosinusitis, a herbal medicinal product is used. Sinupret. Part Sinupret includes extracts of verbena herb, gentian root, herb sorrel, primrose flowers and elder flowers.

Thanks to the active substances that nature has generously endowed with these plants, Sinupret relieves inflammation and swelling of the mucous membrane of the nasal cavity, promotes its cleansing due to the outflow of viscous mucus and helps the body fight infection, increasing the body’s defenses and fighting viruses.

The combination of natural natural ingredients and modern pharmaceutical technologies makes Sinupret a highly effective drug with a minimum of side effects for the treatment of prolonged rhinitis and sinusitis. Sinupret can be used even for the treatment of children from two years.

Whatever method of treatment you choose – folk remedies or modern and effective herbal medicines – remember that you should not forget about the common cold, and you need to be very careful about your health, and then it will stay with you for many, many years.

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