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This is a nasty thing – a cold. How many times have I solemnly promised myself that I would take care of my health like the apple of my eye, but something has not really succeeded in this so far. And how can this noble plan be carried out if fate clearly does not favor me in this? Someone turns pale from the terrible words “wedding spoilage” and “family curse”, but I, perhaps, should have thought about “natural-spontaneous-weather”.

As soon as I put on lighter clothes, the temperature immediately drops sharply, and it doesn’t matter that before that it was hot; no matter which way I turn, the wind always stubbornly follows me; a trolleybus has to wait exactly the amount of time that is necessary for the miraculous transformation from a person into a piece of ice; if a puddle lurks on my way, then I will certainly fall into it … Well, since I forgot my umbrella – God himself ordered it to rain, and that weather forecasters predicted a week without precipitation – these are the little things of life. I don’t know if it’s magic or fatal bad luck, anyway, I’m used to it … and my acquaintances are used to my endless complaints about this topic. But sometimes, nevertheless, such outrages begin to get on your nerves – especially if, after another black stripe, your throat aches nastily, your nose grunts, your head breaks, and the temperature slowly but surely approaches 38. This is exactly what happened recently.

In the morning I realized that I had managed to get sick again. Lying in bed, I imagined with horror the reaction of my boss, who, in principle, does not recognize sick leave in any form. Do you think I’m exaggerating? Alas… We must see the exhausted faces of our employees who cough, sneeze and stealthily swallow pills, hiding behind computer monitors. I remember one once hinted that he was not feeling well at all … and no Stephen King novel compares to what followed. Taught by someone else’s bitter experience, I understand that I still have to go to work, and, therefore, it would not hurt to get a little medical treatment on the weekend. From one sad thought I move on to another, sinking more and more into a black depression.

Suddenly there is a knock on the door. I open. On the threshold is my friend – a charming guy, from whom I’m just crazy. And he should have come in today, when I look like the closest relative of Frankenstein … and she, probably, is a beauty compared to me. The voice is hoarse, hoarse, and generally makes sounds that are very remotely reminiscent of what they should be. There are bruises under my eyes, on my head there is a hairstyle in the style of “I’m a fool at my mother”, while I periodically bend in half from a completely unromantic cough and blow my nose loudly. Charming picture!

A few seconds of hectic thinking – and I decisively pull myself together and try to make the most of the situation. In the end, I am the unfortunate victim of an evil cold, and he is my handsome prince on a white horse (well, or, in any case, I hope that he will soon be), let him console me, because they say it’s sometimes useful to pretend to be a languid pupil Institute of Noble Maidens. Inspired by these considerations, I wring my hands sadly, cough even harder, after which I gracefully and slowly sink onto the bed in the pose of a dying swan and look forward to his reaction to my plaintive groan: “Kostya, it seems I have finally caught a cold.” And what do you think I hear in response? “What did I tell you! You don’t listen to my useful advice, – this scoundrel remarks enthusiastically, – Who made you eat two ice creams at once the day before yesterday? (That’s because the bastard! I counted, I was not too lazy). What about your habit of sleeping with the window wide open? (Am I to blame if I’m always hot?) And I’m already silent (significant pause) about the thickness of your tights … ”So that’s it … I wonder if he measured this thickness with a centimeter? Offended to the core by this outrageous behavior, I defiantly take offense and shut up. The prince on horseback smoothly turns into a koshchei on the snake Gorynych. “Well, another boyfriend candidate didn’t pass the qualifying round,” I mentally notice. The mood falls below the baseboard, but I do not intend to surrender to the mercy of fate. Oh no! Now I am recovering quickly, they don’t fire me from work, my mood rises, and in general I will find someone better than this rude person … There is only one question – how to quickly get back in shape if the ORZ is clearly not going to give up its positions? I prefer to proceed in the good old way, which I will now explain. I don’t know what an experienced doctor would say, looking at such a technique, but I can note one thing – it has been successfully helping me for several years now.

First of all, it is worth noting that it is necessary to attack a cold with great energy and enthusiasm. If you are purposefully treated for two or three days, not forgetting to take a pill on time or rinse your throat, then the result can be truly stunning. I prefer an extensive attack on several fronts at once.

For sore throat Numerous lollipops like Strepsils or Astrasept help a lot. If the throat hurts very much, I add Faringosept to this. But really the best way is onion. Once upon a time, I read amazing information about onions in smart books – as if if you chew it for a minute and a half, then almost no bacteria will remain alive. I don’t know, I don’t know, I never had enough for a minute and a half (it’s scary to think how many acquaintances I would have lost along with bacteria), but inspired by scientific research on phytoncides and other good substances, I invented a simple salad, which is still successful cures my capricious throat. Its recipe is kept to a minimum: a finely chopped small onion, a few cloves of garlic … and an apple to drown out the taste of these inedible components. Of course, I would not advise throwing a noisy party if you have just eaten this gourmet dish … but if you cut it a little during the day, your throat becomes much better. Vitamin C will also benefit a weakened body, so buy yourself ascorbic acid and eat more oranges and kiwi. And grapefruit is generally an invaluable thing, and I just envy those who love it from the bottom of my heart. Tea with the addition of herbs will also be very useful – especially if you suddenly find linden with mint on the shelf (to improve the taste, I also throw lemon balm with rose hips there). Toward evening you can drink warm milk with honey and soda – then you and your throat will sleep better.

For dry cough a mixture of a tablespoon of butter and honey has always helped me – you need to eat it at night without drinking anything. And the runny nose calms down a little from an aerosol like “Kameton” and a few drops of beet juice. Also, it’s really nice to pamper your nose by warming it up with something… my friend uses boiled eggs for this purpose, and I just take a small heating pad.

In fact, perhaps the most important component of your campaign against the disease is your attitude and self-confidence. The worst thing you can do is do nothing. Running around the city with a high fever or lying on the bed, wallowing in self-pity, is equally bad. Of course, the best option is not to get sick at all, but if you’re not lucky, you can’t give up to the mercy of fate. No wonder the classics wrote that “life is boring when there is no struggle” … Consider that this is your chance to fight tricky rock … and of course, you can defeat it in a jiffy. The main thing is not to give up! With all my heart I wish you good luck … and be healthy!

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