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TV presenter Marina Kim is a true fan of childbirth in the United States. mother of many children gave birth to both daughters there – Darina and Briana. The youngest son was born a few months ago in Moscow – because of the pandemic, Kim could not fly to America, besides, literally on the day of birth, it turned out that the girl had coronavirus – mother and baby were separated for nine days immediately after birth. Marina still talks about this with horror in her voice. But about childbirth in America, she responds extremely positively. And every time she assures that becoming a mother in the States is not as expensive as it seems to many, they say if you have money for paid childbirth in a good hospital in Moscow, then pull it in America too. The main thing is to choose an agency that will take care of all the paperwork and will rush to help every time you need it.

According to Kim, in America there is a completely different approach to childbirth, where the birth of a child is not a duel with many hours of contractions, but a holiday for mom and baby.

“They have a much easier attitude to the birth of children. Basically, they think about childbearing after forty – and they are not afraid of the deviations that they talk about in our country. And it seems to me that many problems are avoided simply because they do not take a steam bath. We tend to do epidural anesthesia as late as possible, a woman goes into labor in pain – and only then her fate is a little easier. And in America, they believe that an epidural should be done when you first arrived at the hospital, right in the parking lot. Even when the fights are barely starting, ”said the TV presenter.

The only question is the price – childbirth in the USA in a good hospital will cost 5-7 thousand dollars, plus the cost of flights, housing, accommodation. As a result, a round amount is available, which is not accessible to everyone.

Anna Sedokova

Twice gave birth in the United States and Anna Sedokova. In America, she gave birth to a daughter and a younger son. Hector was born in the expensive Cedars-Sinai hospital, where Christina Aguilera, Alsou, Madonna, Britney Spears gave birth. Childbirth cost the singer more than twenty thousand dollars. She does not regret the money spent – good service, professionalism of doctors and a wonderful climate are worth it.

Despite this, the third birth turned out to be difficult for the ex-soloist of VIA Gra, in her own words. However, this did not prevent the young mother from going with her friend to the concert of Mikhail Galustyan and Alexander Revva in Los Angeles in a week. In addition, Sedokova wants to become a mother for the fourth time – the singer has spoken about this more than once.

Oksana Samoilova

But Oksana Samoilova is already the mother of four children. The youngest son was born in Miami. Oksana told subscribers that the pregnancy was difficult: there was placental abruption, hematomas, a mother of many children kept bed rest for a month. Samoilova had an emergency caesarean section – for more than ten hours she suffered from contractions, since there was no blood supply prepared. And when David was born, he was taken from his mother to intensive care, suspecting pathology.

“You don’t decide anything, everything is decided by the hospital and doctors. As long as the child is in the hospital, she is responsible for him. Even walking with a child in her arms is not allowed. Only sitting, or in a wheelchair, ”the young mother shared. Oksana shed a lot of tears, trying to figure out what threatens her son. Fortunately, the suspicions were not justified – the baby was healthy, he recently turned a year old.

Keti Topuria

The singer, who recently became a mother for the second time, gave birth to her eldest daughter Olivia in the United States. And he does not hide the reasons that prompted him: this is citizenship for a child and a wonderful climate. According to Topuria, she did not want to spend the last months of her pregnancy in dank Moscow. Living in a villa with a pool is much more pleasant. Together with citizenship, the baby automatically receives insurance: once in the United States, you can always count on it. But having the citizenship of another country, you will have to pay taxes, warns Topuria.

Keti advised the birth doctor to Alsou, who gave birth to his eldest daughter. It is worth saying that Russian stars often give birth to Russian-speaking doctors, whose services are in great demand.

Who gave birth in the USA 20 years ago

Childbirth in the United States has become more accessible (we don’t take the pandemic period) in recent years. Not only celebrities give birth overseas – in the presence of the above amounts, any family can do this. But giving birth abroad was prestigious twenty years ago. For example, the son of Anastasia Zavorotnyuk Mikhail was born in America – he is now twenty years old. Anastasia later said in an interview that she wanted to save herself from trouble – therefore, together with her then husband Dmitry Stryukov, they chose this country. For some time, the actress lived with her little son there.

Irina Khakamada gave birth in the USA for a very specific reason – the former politician knew that her daughter would be born with Down syndrome. Despite the diagnosis, Khakamada decided to keep the child and give birth in America in order to avoid unnecessary attention at home. Plus, there are much more specialists in the states who help to adapt children with a similar diagnosis to normal life. Her daughter was born there 22 years ago.

Those stars who have real estate in the country also give birth in America. For example, in 2012, she gave birth to a daughter, Claudia Kristina Orbakaite, in Miami. Her husband Mikhail Zemtsov has a business (private clinic) and his own house in the USA.

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