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When we are on vacation or traveling, life seems to be filled with new colors. Not a single detail escapes our attention, we want to see and learn a lot, we are constantly on the move and do not feel tired at all.

But, returning, we quickly lose this state, plunging headlong into gray everyday life, filled with routine affairs and unresolved problems.

Where does this wonderful state of inspiration and interest in everything new go?

Turns out, Much depends on our inner mood, on the peculiarities of our perception.

After all, fencing off information and impressions that seem superfluous and distracting to us, we refuse new experience and vivid impressions.

And, on the contrary, by concentrating on “unimportant” little things, we give the brain the necessary unloading, accustom ourselves to look at things more broadly and think outside the box.

To start the morning of a new day in a different way, brew a cup of tea and drink it as if you are trying this drink for the first time. Isn’t it true that the sensations have changed?

On the way to work, imagine yourself as a sightseeing tourist – you will see a lot of new things on the usual route.

Feel free to play and improvise, let the inspiration take you – and the usual working day will pass not only faster, but also much more productive.

You will see, you will want to extend it: go in for sports, move, dance.

Or maybe go to the skating rink? Following the example of the stars of the Ice Age show, come up with your own number!

It’s okay if you can barely stand on your skates. After all, your idols – singers, artists, showmen – also did not know how to ride.

Artistry, inspiration and focus on the result allowed them to achieve the almost impossible in a very short period. And here you are on an equal footing.

True, the participants of the show have one little secret. Between workouts, they always drink Lipton Yellow Label tea, which they are treated to by Unilever Rus LLC, the sponsor of the Ice Age.

Theanine – a natural substance found in tea leaves – helps to concentrate, tune in to victory and achieve a calm, focused state, necessary for work and creativity.

By the way, many ideas for new numbers appeared during tea parties!

How this happened can be found on the website. where exclusive photo and video materials and interviews with the participants of the Ice Age are posted.

Feel like a star of the rink will help you “Star set for ice skating”: a hat, scarf and a backpack of a unique design, in the creation of which Ilya Averbukh himself took part – the legendary figure skater, champion of Russia, Europe and the world, producer and permanent coach of the Ice Age.

And you can win it by taking part in a photo contest, which runs from October 13 to December 28 at

All other fans of the project and lovers of Lipton Yellow Label tea will also have the opportunity to become owners of Star Sets.

To do this, it is enough to purchase a pack with the image of skaters and the inscription “Action” in the store. Each such package contains a card with a unique code.

By sending an SMS to 1056 or by registering a code on the website in the period from 11/01/2008 to 01/31/2009, you will become a participant in the prize draw.

A set for winter skiing is drawn every hour! And those who manage to collect and register at least 20 codes will be able to take part in the drawing of a super prize!*

Live brightly, win beautifully, drink tea, stock up on new ideas and inspiration!

Lipton Yellow Label Tea: It all starts with a sip of inspiration!

* For information about the organizer of the photo contest and SMS-lottery, the rules and terms of their holding, the number of prizes and winnings by results, terms, place and procedure for receiving prizes, see the website

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