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The summer heat turns the air-conditioned streets and rooms into a big sauna. It is not always possible to take a shower or take a swim in the sea, river, pool to freshen up. You can’t argue with nature: sweating is necessary for our body, but – oh my God – a very unpleasant process. A characteristic smell, always wet legs and palms, wet spots in the armpits, a face shiny like a coin – brrrrr, unaesthetic and unhygienic! The most annoying thing is that this problem is so delicate that it is inconvenient to discuss it even with relatives. In the meantime, by trial and error you will find an effective solution, as if seven sweats will come down … and more than once you will have to blush in public.

How modern anti-sweaters work

To solve the problem of excessive sweating, pay attention to effective, suitable for absolutely everyone and already well-known on the European and Russian market means. For example, those that are presented under the brand name DryDry. Her range also includes anti-perspiration products to combat hyperhidrosis of varying degrees for normal and sensitive skin with a Roll-on system or a dabomatic applicator, and a foot spray, and wipes.

All of the listed sweat remedies have one thing in common: they not only eliminate the unpleasant smell of sweat, but also fight the cause of its occurrence. Simply put, when the formulations of these products are applied to the skin, the sweat glands are temporarily blocked, while their functions are not impaired, as proven by clinical trials.

The effect of the application is simply brilliant: for example, a single use of an anti-perspiration product, with a volume of only 35 ml, provides protection and a solution to all problems with excessive sweating and unpleasant odor for up to seven days! And this is not a publicity stunt, but a real fact, which is confirmed by laboratory studies and numerous consumer reviews.

Where to begin?

One of the most difficult problems to deal with is sweaty feet. While other parts of the body sweat easily evaporates, here it is trapped. Lingering between the fingers, in socks and shoes, it creates a favorable environment for the growth of bacteria, which are the source of an unpleasant odor.

To fix the problem, DryDry Foot Spray with menthol is best. It is an easy-to-use anti-sweaty foot product with a cooling and refreshing effect. This spray compares favorably with conventional foot deodorants in several ways. Let’s call them:

Economy and ease of use. It is enough just once in the morning to apply the spray on cleanly washed and wiped feet, and the effect of one use of the product will last for the whole day, and sometimes even longer.

No restrictions on the frequency and duration of use. If discomfort (sweating, smell) reappears during the day, the spray can be reused. The frequency and duration of application are not limited!

Versatility. The product does not contain aromatic fragrances, and therefore is perfect for both men and women.

Impeccable quality. Spray fully complies with European standards.

Express Approach to a Hot Issue

In addition to an effective foot spray, the brand produces another unique product – disposable wipes that help with normal and excessive sweating. They can be used in the armpits, on the palms of the hands and on the soles of the feet. The composition of the product is identical to the classic product of the same brand – an antiperspirant with a volume of 35 ml. There is only one caveat: thanks to the convenient individual packaging, the napkin will easily fit even in the smallest handbag.

With such wonderful napkins, you will always be confident in yourself: at work and on a walk, at a party and in the gym, on a business trip and at an important meeting. No matter what situation you find yourself in, the sweat simply has no chance!

Please note: original DryDry products are ONLY sold in orange packaging!

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