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Nothing beautifies life so much as dizzying changes. Tell them yes!

Wise people say: there are things that are urgent, and there are things that are important.

How often do we forget in a hurry and time trouble about such important matters for ourselves? We just can’t say no to pressing issues by diving into them.
more and more. Where is the exit?

No one can do for us those things that bring us pleasure and joy. And doing these things is very important – because they charge us with energy! Remember the last time you saw a person with “burning” eyes, full of enthusiasm? Looking into such eyes, you understand that this person has found time in his life for what he really likes to do.

Of course, work and household chores can be fun. But the rhythm of modern life, the streams of information that fall on us from everywhere, require a more intense relaxation. We simply “burn out”, not turning off for months, or even years, from our usual schedule.

Our emotions and intellect are fueled by a variety of experiences. Can I get it without leaving my home or office? Probably you can. But will it be a fulfilling life? After all, every day brings many chances to discover something new!

So let’s dream a little. What would you like to diversify your life today:

Traveling with friends?
What else gives us so many impressions and emotions as an eventful trip with loved ones? It is not necessary to travel far, for sure there are unexplored places near your house with an interesting history or beautiful nature. Fresh memories of an exciting trip will energize you throughout the week! Well, or at least until the next pleasant adventure!

Blind date?
Princes somewhere far away? But there are many pleasant and smart men around every day. And many of them would love to spend time with you in a cafe over a cup of coffee. Is it worth giving up on this? What if it would be him?

New hobby?
Something exotic or, conversely, homemade. There should be no limits other than your imagination. Butterfly collecting? Skydiving? Parkour (whatever that means)? It’s time for a new hobby! And perhaps even a few.

Which direction of dance will express your essence most fully? Or are you in the mood to try Latin, belly dancing, ballroom dancing and strip plastic in turn? Develop your body language and enjoy harmony!

Massage courses?
Interested in becoming a graduate or just learning more about relaxation? The massage performed by your fellow students is a nice bonus to learning.

Developing your voice has always been an unattainable dream for you? Take a chance on something more than karaoke! If you are afraid to start singing right away, try acting classes or stage speech classes. They will help you relax and feel the taste of life.

Rollerblading or skateboarding?
Who said this activity is only for teenagers? Excellent coordination, a new view of the world, a lot of fresh air and new experiences from skiing in beautiful parks. This is worth a try! Just remember to choose the right special protection.

Lessons to play a musical instrument?
Who said that the only way to music is a music school “from bell to bell”? New methods allow you to successfully learn in adulthood! If music is your thing, you should definitely take a few lessons in playing an instrument, or if you have played before, continue your studies. When, if not now?

All these and dozens of other activities and hobbies are actually available to you. Your job is to learn how to say yes to them! Limitations exist only within us. For what we really want, there will be both time and money.

However, at times we may encounter other limitations – with unpleasant “surprises” that can prevent us from mastering new hobbies.

We are talking about involuntary urination – when laughing, coughing, sneezing and other stresses release a few drops of urine or a little more.

It is not customary to talk about this, although in Russia, every third woman has ever experienced urinary incontinence*.

Help to cope with the situation pelvic floor exercises, as well as special TENA gaskets lady.

TENA gaskets Ladyspecially designed to absorb urine (urological pads), different from conventional sanitary napkins and give you complete freedom of action!

As thin and discreet as your regular sanitary napkins, TENA pads Lady absorb liquid instantly, leaving the surface of the pad dry and preventing skin irritation.

The OdourControl™ odor neutralization system, specially designed for these occasions, keeps you feeling fresh all day long.

Each woman will be able to choose pads of suitable absorbency** and size:

TENA Lady Ultra Mini – ultra-thin pads (absorb up to 80 ml);
TENA Lady Mini – thin pads (absorb up to 170 ml);
TENA Lady Normal – pads with a double absorbent layer (absorb up to 300 ml);
TENA Lady Maxi – super absorbent pads (absorb up to 850 ml).

Where could I buy TENA products:

Hypermarkets: METRO Cash & Carry, Real, AUCHAN, OK, Carrefour, LENTA and others.

Pharmacies: Rigla, Stary Lekar, Doctor Stoletov, 03 and others.

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