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Autumn melancholy, spring beriberi… What other “seasonal phenomenon” complicates our lives? Well, of course, winter depression. In recent years, the number of people suffering from depression has rapidly increased in the country: from “mild blues” to a serious condition requiring the intervention of psychiatrists. The very word “depression” is consonant with the word “press”. And indeed, on gloomy winter days, melancholy often physically tangibly presses on the shoulders, hands drop, you don’t want to do anything, the mood is the most disgusting … Why does the spleen visit us in winter more and more often and for no apparent reason?

And there are several reasons. Firstly, external conditions, primarily light, affect well-being. It is known that the level of illumination and the duration of exposure to light directly affects our mood. Each of us knows this for ourselves. When the length of daylight hours increases after long gloomy days, the mood rises. Although they say: “The sun is for spring, and winter is for frost,” but a frosty January day is much more pleasant than a slushy and gloomy December one. Now imagine our typical day. We spend most of our time indoors. Waking up in the dark, we go to work. Well, if in ground transport. But the inhabitants of big cities make this way in the dungeons of the subway. Then we spend 8 hours in artificial “daylight”, worse than which it is difficult to imagine. Then again an hour of travel and “rest” until late in front of the TV screen in a semi-dark (or dark) room. Then restless sleep, and everything starts all over again. On weekends, we allow ourselves to sleep until eleven, losing precious daylight hours, then cleaning, washing and TV again. It is not surprising to fall into depression with such a rhythm of life and the almost complete absence of sunlight.

The “depressive” factors include an increased risk of infectious diseases and the weakening of our body. This reason does not even require special explanation. Indeed, if the nose is constantly flowing, the throat hurts and the cough torments, where can you get a good mood, where can you get the strength to enjoy life?

And finally, the reason that is hidden in ourselves. For some reason, in winter, many people, like bears, “hibernate”. They almost never leave the house, do not meet with friends and acquaintances, spending time on the couch or in the company of TV. Naturally, such a lack of fresh impressions and lively communication in no way contributes to the emergence of a good mood and cheerfulness.

However, there are still lucky ones (and lucky ones) who can’t care less about any winter. Thaw or frost, gloomy weather or sunny day – they are cheerful, healthy and full of energy. And not every one of them considers winter to be his favorite time of the year. What secrets will allow them to maintain a sense of fullness of life, to say “stop” to depression? And these “secrets” are very simple and accessible to absolutely everyone.

So, the first rule: be outdoors more often. As already mentioned, ordinary daylight in winter is what we miss the most. And if the day turned out to be sunny, then it would be a crime to spend it indoors. After all, one of the most significant causes of winter depression is precisely the lack of sunlight. Therefore, it is simply vital to be on the street as often as possible (for example, take a walk at lunchtime). And in order to get out for a walk on the weekend, you don’t need any special reasons at all. But the possibilities are huge.

Rule two: take care of your health. It is no secret that the foundation of mental health is physical health. If you’re lucky and still haven’t gotten sick, consider boosting your immune system. Drink a course of some immuno-stimulating agent, and, perhaps, the disease will bypass you. Or you will endure only its mild form. In this case, do not forget to stock up on the necessary first aid: vitamin C, raspberry jam, linden tea and, for example, fervex or coldrex. You probably won’t need them. But if such a need suddenly arises, everything you need will already be at hand.

If, despite all your efforts, you feel the first signs of an impending disease, immediately take measures to “neutralize” it. Do not expect that “maybe it will cost”: it is much easier to suppress the infection at the very beginning, preventing it from spreading throughout the body, than to get rid of all its full-fledged manifestations later. And not only physical – fever, cough, runny nose, but also emotional.

Rule number three: don’t hibernate. Let there be slush, wind, ice, frost, darkness on the street – do not sit at home. At least don’t sit alone. Surely among your girlfriends and acquaintances there are those who also do not know what to do on long evenings. Invite them to your place (or go to visit). No need to come up with any special occasion: arrange a homemade baking contest or discuss the program of the New Year’s party. Believe me, such an event will only benefit everyone. Do not refuse invitations, forget about the TV. After all, winter is a time of inexhaustible opportunities. And then, not all three months are bitterly cold, and a scalding icy wind blows – sometimes wonderful sunny days stand out. And if such a day coincided with the weekend – it’s time to get out into nature. Skates, skis – this is, in general, an amateur. But you can just walk around! Dress warmly, grab a thermos of hot tea, a couple of sandwiches, a camera, gather your family or friends – and you are guaranteed an unforgettable experience!

And if the weather is really “non-flying”, dedicate this day (or evening) to yourself. Let it be rest and restoration of peace of mind to the fullest: a bath with fragrant oil, your favorite mask or other cosmetic “procedures”, gentle aromas, bewitching music, a cozy blanket, a glass of red wine… Read a book that has long been put off “for later” ”, watch a good movie, flip through old photos … In general, try to really enjoy your vacation.

Agree that following these rules is not so difficult. But the result will not keep you waiting: all your blues will disappear, go away, evaporate – you just need to really want to get rid of it.

And one more thing: winter is actually a very short time of the year. Judge for yourself: December has passed the middle, and the second half of this month is always devoted to New Year’s Eve chores. Gifts, outfits, hairstyles, thinking about the holiday menu – time will fly by. January is a traditionally festive month in our country. And there, February is the shortest month of the year, therefore, spring is just around the corner. So when do you have time to do everything that is planned for the winter? Now! Winter is not the time to be bored and yearn, winter is the time to act, live and enjoy life!

Anna BIREVA, psychologist

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