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The most complete problem of the correct combination of foodstuffs was considered and substantiated by the American doctor and teacher, Dr. Herbert Shelton. In our country, Malakhov, Semenova, Shatalova became his followers, who created their own healing systems.

The theory (or rather, popularization) of Shelton’s long-known ideas is well known to many. To some, it is seen as an extremely simple diet, to someone – a panacea for all diseases, to someone – a profanity.

The essence of the theory of separate nutrition is in the right combination of products. According to Shelton, the usual diet, when a person absorbs incompatible foods, leads to the fact that these foods cannot be properly digested and absorbed by the body. The thing is that each type of food requires digestive juices of its own composition, and in addition, the conditions for digesting various foods in the stomach are often opposite.

For example, proteins are digested in the stomach for one and a half to two hours, carbohydrates – about 20 minutes. With the indiscriminate intake of heterogeneous products, the stomach is forced to simultaneously produce both acidic and alkaline enzymes that neutralize each other. Since carbohydrates do not stay long in the stomach, they pass into the duodenum undigested, taking with them pieces of also undigested proteins.

Undigested foods attach to the large intestine, accumulate in the folds and get stuck there for many years. The released toxins through the absorption system of the large intestine enter the bloodstream and are carried to all organs. First of all, those of them suffer, where the immune defense is reduced or the aging process has begun.

The basic principle of separate nutrition: products of plant origin, rich in starch, and animal products, rich in protein, should be consumed separately.__Principles of separate power supply

However, most nutritionists do not agree with these and some other statements of Shelton.

Doctors also note that it is generally illiterate to talk about the processes of “rotting” in the stomach of a healthy person, as Shelton does, since a normal stomach has an acidic environment in which microorganisms die.

Scientists have found that proteins not only do not impair the digestion of fats, but, on the contrary, activate lipase, a pancreatic enzyme that breaks down fats.

Experts note that the processes of digestion of various food components are separated in the gastrointestinal tract both in time and space. Some components of the diet are digested mainly in the stomach, others – in the small intestine, and others – under the influence of bile. In a healthy person, these processes occur in parallel, in no case interfering with each other.

Serotonin and dopamine – “hormones of happiness”, substances that determine our good mood, are synthesized by the brain only if proteins and carbohydrates enter the body at the same time. It is this fact that explains the ever-lowered mood of those who are losing weight.

The weight loss that occurs when switching to a separate diet (for which many of us begin to eat this way) is simply explained: you start to follow the diet, stop eating junk cakes and sausages, and more vegetables and fruits.

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