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Today’s life pushes us to the fact that many people work two or even three jobs. Spinning like a squirrel in a wheel, busy people quickly drink a cup of coffee in the morning, and in the afternoon they have a snack on the go with various chips, hot dogs and wash it all down with all kinds of fizzy drinks like Coca-Cola. Returning from work late at night in a hurry, they throw everything that comes to hand into their mouths. As a result, such nutrition not only leads to the depletion of immunity, but also undermines your health in general. Therefore, if you can not change the circumstances, then at least change your attitude to nutrition. So, today our conversation is about what recommendations a business person should follow in nutrition.

A balanced and complete diet, as we have already seen from annoying advertising, is necessary even for dogs and cats. What is there to say about people. Eating hastily, it is impossible to remain a good worker, and the body is not made of iron – sooner or later, quite specific sores will appear – a stomach ulcer, gastritis, or a violation of the gastrointestinal tract. Therefore, you can and should learn to eat right. The main thing is to bring your appetite and capabilities into line.

Every woman will not deny herself the pleasure of pampering her body with a cup of coffee in the morning, thereby receiving, as she believes, a charge of vivacity for the whole day. Meanwhile, coffee should not be abused. Even if you consider yourself absolutely healthy, drink it no more than once a day. BUT for people suffering from cardiovascular diseases, insomnia, irritability, stomach ulcers, gastritis (and, alas, most working women belong to these), it is better not to drink coffee at all, and if you drink it, then very weak and with milk.

It is better to replace this morning drink with mineral water. A glass of this water contributes to the active removal of toxins from the body, and it is also an excellent assistant to the liver and its normal activity. If your menu contains a couple of bottles of good mineral water every day, then a healthy complexion and skin elasticity are provided to you. But here we must immediately add that caution should be taken to what has been said for those who suffer from cardiovascular and renal insufficiency, since edema may appear.

But in the West it is generally customary to drink orange juice in the morning. And not in vain, since any natural, and even better – freshly made juice, is a great start to the day. But since most of us have stomachs that are not in the best condition, it is better to dilute natural juices. And in the presence of any diseases of the gastrointestinal tract, it is better to please the stomach with something neutral – for example, melissa or chamomile tea.

To keep the body in good condition, you need foods that increase the production of substances that give a feeling of joy and comfort: cereals, milk, low-fat yogurt. One of the important components of proper nutrition, crumbly cereals from buckwheat, millet and barley, contain dietary fibers that reduce the risk of colon tumors and prevent chronic constipation. Therefore, they will be very useful for very busy women.

Today, a good alternative to cereal products are the so-called extruded products – products based on potato, corn or any other cereals. They also produce all kinds of air sticks, muesli, ready-made breakfasts based on grains or cereal flakes. The range of such products is expanding by combining different types of cereals, adding defatted soy flour, dietary fiber, bran, wholemeal flour. Various aromatic and flavor additives are also used. Some of them only affect the taste and smell, while others, such as milk powder, cocoa powder, increase the nutritional value.

In these products, vitamins of group B, folic acid are almost completely preserved, the amount of dietary fiber increases. Besides, grain products help in the fight against diseases such as atherosclerosis, diabetes, coronary heart disease. So take a bag of sweet corn sticks or some kind of cereal with you to work. They will not bring harm – only benefit. But this does not mean that crunchy snacks (as they are also called) can replace a full meal for you – they are a light snack.. You should not overdo it with the consumption of such food, as extra calories are harmful to you.

But milk itself contains a lot of valuable and nutritious components, but sour-milk and other products obtained by processing are very useful for everyone and can deservedly be included in the leaders of proper nutrition.

Women engaged in heavy physical or mental labor can treat themselves to a piece of meat for lunch, and even better if it is poultry or fish meat, since animal fats and proteins are necessary for our body. They normalize the activity of the immune and hematopoietic systems, the musculoskeletal system, liver function, and the central nervous system. Protein deficiency entails a slowdown in many biological processes in the body. Fatigue, frequent ailments and exacerbation of chronic diseases may appear.. And these symptoms for you – a business and advanced woman – are completely useless.

Under the influence of strong employment sharply the body’s need for vitamins increases. Therefore, increase the amount of fresh vegetables and fruits. Allow yourself a salad of 3-4 vegetables (do not forget to add vegetable oil to the salad) and some fruit – an orange, apple or kiwi. If financial possibilities do not allow such a “luxury”, it is quite possible to get by with cabbage, onions, garlic, raw or boiled beets, pumpkin and carrot juice. And even better – supplement the diet with vitamin and mineral complexes.

In general, the diet of busy people should be monitored especially carefully. Your health and performance depend on it.


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