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The human body, as an obedient and sensitive instrument, gives signals that the aging of the body has begun. Experts say that they need to be caught in time. Sometimes this process starts too early, and there are many reasons for this: diseases, exhaustion of the body, genes, sorrows and stresses, an unfavorable environment, our mindsets and lifestyle. But if you provide your body with proper protection, you can look much younger than your own chronological age.

Quiz: What is your biological age?

Signs of aging are reflected not only on the face – the main ones are deeply hidden. To determine if you have signs of body aging, we suggest testing yourself with a test that has been used by Eastern doctors for more than one millennium. There is no doubt about its accuracy; thousands of generations of people are proof of this.

  1. Do you get tired quickly, do you often feel like resting?

  2. Do you suffer from aching pain in the lower back and stiffness in the spine immediately after waking up?

  3. Do you feel sharp pains in your joints, especially in your knees?

  4. Do you often have to get up at night to urinate (and the urine is clear)?

  5. Do you suffer from insomnia, do you have nightmares in which your life is endangered?

  6. Do you often feel chilly, limbs freeze?

  7. Do you notice a weakening of sexual function?

  8. For men: how often does premature ejaculation occur? For women: do menstrual irregularities occur?

  9. Do you constantly experience headaches, dizziness?

  10. Are you sweating a lot?

  11. Is there rapid eye fatigue? decreased vision, lacrimation?

  12. Is there a feeling of constriction in the chest, is there shallow breathing, do you often catch a cold?

  13. Is there noise in the ears, is there hearing loss?

  14. Are there any such symptoms: dry hair or increased hair loss, gray hair?

  15. Do you feel bitterness in your mouth, is there a reddening of the tongue?

  16. Do you experience pain in the solar plexus area?

  17. Do you often get nervous, do you jump arterial pressure?

  18. Do you often have to experience causeless anxiety, fear, what makes you shudder and look around?

  19. Is there absent-mindedness, forgetfulness?

  20. Do you notice noticeable weight loss (if you are not on a diet), do you have unexpected wrinkles on your face?

Test results:

Each answer “yes” is one point, confirming the early withering of the organism.

If you answered yes to only the first 5-7 questions, this may not indicate aging of the body, but a weakening of kidney function.

If you answered yes to all 20 questions, according to your biological clock, your age is equal to 70-80 years.

What to do if you find signs of aging in yourself?

However, if you find signs of aging in yourself, this is not a reason to despair. Believe me, you are able to eliminate some unwanted manifestations of the body and look younger..

So, how to keep youth:

1. Drink green tea

Green tea contains a large amount of antioxidants that neutralize free radicals and slow down the aging process in the body.

2. Eat dark chocolate

Leading dermatologists from European countries in the course of the study found that a couple of slices of chocolate consumed daily is an excellent remedy for wrinkles, and also reduces the risk of skin cancer. The reason lies in the substances – flavonoids contained in cocoa beans. But it is worth noting that it is bitter chocolate that is useful, containing 70% cocoa.

By the way, Italian scientists have previously established that two or three slices of dark chocolate a day help relieve inflammation in diseases of the circulatory system. And their colleagues from Britain proved that the daily intake of chocolate helps to overcome chronic fatigue and improves memory.

3. Make fruit masks

According to cosmetologists, the best remedy for wrinkles is fruit masks. Make your own masks from strawberries, papaya, apples and grapefruits, etc.

4. Go in for sports

Experts have proven that muscle tone contributes to slowing down skin aging. To keep fit, a daily half-hour of physical activity is enough.

5. Laugh

Laughter lowers the level of cortisol, the stress hormone, in the blood, and its increased level leads to the appearance of wrinkles.

6. Make love regularly

Regular sex increases the level of serotonin in the blood – the hormone of joy and slows down the aging process.

7. Be careful with medicines

When taking medicines, be sure to pay attention to whether they are compatible with other medicines, food and herbal medicines.

8. Tune in to youth

And, perhaps, the most important thing is the inner mood. Change your outlook on life for the better. Optimism, a positive outlook on things, the habit of seeing the good in everything, love for loved ones and strong friendships will help you look younger!

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